Winloot’s Legitimate Facebook Page – and how to detect the fake ones!

Here at Winloot, we hear stories from time to time of someone trying to contact our players through Facebook saying they’re a winner. First of all, we do not friend our members on Facebook. Our Facebook page is set up for people to Like and Follow. It is not an individual account, so if someone ever tries to Friend Request you on Facebook, you can be sure it’s not Winloot. Do not ever accept a Friend request from someone claiming to be from Winloot. If you ever see something suspicious or if something does arise and you are not certain, feel free to contact us directly through the Contact page on Our Facebook page has nearly 20,000 Likes to date. The fake pages will be apparent because they have much fewer, usually around 100 or so and certainly no more than 1,000.

Also, be advised, we never contact our winners on Facebook. The only way Winloot players are notified of a prize win is via the email address they have registered with their free Winloot membership. If someone tries to contact you on Facebook, saying you’ve won, it’s not real. They may try to contact you on Facebook because they don’t have your email address. Winloot players register their email at with their free membership. That’s the only way we notify our winners.

Also keep in mind, most of these scammers are out to rob you. Winloot never charges its players a fee for any reason. Winloot membership is always 100% free and always will be. There is never any fee for anything and prizes are delivered at absolutely no charge to our winners. It is illegal to operate a sweepstakes site that charges members any type of fee, or requires any kind of obligation. While we do have ads on our site, that’s not something our players are required to respond to. Ads pay our bills, and keep us operating so we can run the free sweepstakes and award cash prizes to our players. You are free to ignore them unless something interests you.

If you see something on Facebook that looks suspicious, again, please reach out to us so we can put the word out and advise our fans and members to report a page as fake to Facebook. If enough people are aware and report it, Facebook will investigate and remove the page to protect people from the potential scam. The whole point of Winloot is for our players to enjoy their free membership and playing the daily games with chances to win cash and some pretty cool prizes. That’s our only business and we are in this business because we know when our players win cash, it makes them happy. Well, it makes us happy too. So, please enjoy our free daily games and be wary of sites that do not look legit. Winloot has had over 80,000 winners to date. Take a look at Winners Way and you’ll see how real Winloot is!