Winloot’s Daily Prize Draw Numbers

Did you know you can check the winning numbers on Winloot by each contest and date using the drop-down menu on the Winloot Results page? Just click on the down arrow on Prize Drawings and choose the Sweepstakes Game or $5,000 Instant Win Game you’d like to check the numbers on. Then click on the calendar and you can choose a date to show all of the winning numbers for each game on whichever date you select. There are some sweepers and lottery game players who like to study the winning numbers. If you’re one such sweeper, this is a fun way for you to analyze what numbers have been winning to possibly formulate your lucky set of numbers, or tweak your chosen numbers. You can also compare the winning numbers in any of the individual sweeps to your saved numbers for whichever game you’d like to check. You can see how many winning numbers you may have selected in any particular game, and also check to see which numbers have been the winners. As our Winloot sweepers know, when you play thorough Winloot’s daily sweepstakes games you have the option to save your numbers in each game, if you’d like to play the same set of numbers over and over again. In the $5,000 Instant Win Game you can save your numbers and select “Previous Picks” as you play through all of your chances to win this amazing $5,000 game each day. Once you unlock this game, Winloot gives you up to a whopping 65 chances to win $5,000 by choosing ten numbers correctly. We also pay for partial matches, and award tokens if you don’t win cash right away. These tokens can be used to enter for even more chances to win cash and prizes. Winloot has many winners in all of the sweepstakes games, the $5,000 Instant Win game, as well as token prize winners. In fact, we’ve had over 79,000 winners to date and that list keeps growing every single day!

If you’d like to see who’s been winning, check out Winner’s Way. You can see what games our players are winning in and how much or what prize they’ve won. It’s pretty exciting, especially when you see your own name on there! We post the winners daily, but you should always keep an eye on your email messages from Winloot. That’s where we notify our lucky winners and how we arrange to send their prize payment. It’s important to use your real email address, and check it often. We have had cases where we had a prize winner we couldn’t reach. If fact, we had a $100,000 prize winner who didn’t check his email and it took the whole Winloot team a month to track him down! Imagine winning $100,000 and you don’t know about it?! Luckily, with the help of our Winloot sweepers and his daughter seeing our message in search of him, the Patrick Acker incident ended well, and we were able to hand deliver his $100,000 prize check! So, keep playing Winloot, check the winning numbers, and most importantly, check your email! We wish you all the best of fun and success at winning some loot so we can add your name to our long list of happy winners!