Why Checking Your Email Is So Important – The $100,000 Prize Story

Winloot membership is always 100% free to join and play every day. One very important factor we want to be sure you don’t overlook is the importance of checking your email. You should always use an email which you check every day. A perfect example is Patrick Acker from Woodland Park, New Jersey, who won the WHOPPING CASH PRIZE of $100,000 on August 31, 2016! Winloot was unable to reach Mr. Acker through his registered email and a month’s long search ensued. Winloot put the word out on Winloot.com, Facebook and other Winloot members even offered to help in locating our prize winner. Fortunately, his daughter, who lives in Florida, is also a Winloot member and saw we were looking for her father. She had won a $10 bonus game a few weeks earlier and contacted her Dad to say “…Dad I saw your name on Winloot and I think you won more than me.” Mr. Acker was in disbelief but gave Winloot a call. Well, that was a $100,000 phone call and we were so excited we finally found him, our team drove to New Jersey with our CMO, Matt Gatley, to personally hand deliver the check on January 10, 2017! When Mr. Acker peeked inside the envelope he was handed by Mr. Gatley he exclaimed “I sure believe it now!” This was a very happy moment for the whole Winloot team as well as Mr. Acker and his girlfriend, who were both at the door to great our team. So, this story ends well for everyone, but illustrates why it is so vitally important to check your emails from Winloot. We don’t want another Patrick Acker incident. We want you to know right away when you win. Enjoy your daily Winloot games and we wish you the very best of luck!