What Would You Do if You Won $25,000?

Here at Winloot, our only business is giving away cash and prizes. We just love when our players win and wonder what they do with their prize money. Sometimes, we have the privilege of speaking directly with our winners to find out!

One of our amazing Sweepstakes cash prizes is $25,000, which is quite a large sum to win! We had the pleasure of awarding this awesome cash prize to Cindy Mowery of Norwalk California in 2018. Winloot’s CMO, Matt Gately, flew to California to personally had deliver Cindy’s $25,000 Prize Check.

In a heartwarming video interview, Matt spoke with Cindy to see what it’s like to be a winner. When asked how it felt to win, Cindy told Matt, “It feels awesome…” She goes on to tell Matt a little bit about herself. She’s a senior citizen, 65 years old, and in a bad financial situation. So, she went on her phone to look for some way she could win some money and found Winloot. Cindy began playing every evening. Her friends and family thought she was crazy and told her it was a scam. Cindy’s remark? “It’s no scam. It’s real!” as she holds up her $25,000 Winloot check! Matt brought up the fact that it took Winloot a week to find her. Cindy cringed slightly, saying sometimes she forgets to check her email. Winloot notifies its winners by email only. That’s why is crucial to check your emails from Winloot. If you don’t, you could potentially miss an important winner message and have unclaimed cash waiting for you! It’s also a good idea to fill in your postal address and phone number so Winloot has an alternative way to reach you if necessary. Fortunately, Winloot had Cindy’s phone number and was able to reach her with the exciting news!

Matt asked Cindy if she had any big plans for the money. She said she’s going to pay off her credit debt, and would love to find affordable housing she could so she can enjoy the rest of her life. One last question Matt asked Cindy, “Are you going to keep playing Winloot?” Cindy exclaimed; she’s been playing every evening because it’s fun! The interview concludes with Cindy’s advice: “Bye, everybody. Keep playing. Don’t give up. Don’t give up!”

To view the entire interview, visit Winloot’s YouTube page