What Can Players Win on Winloot?

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Winloot is a fun and exciting sweepstakes site which offers players over 100 different ways to enter our free daily sweepstakes for chances to win cash and prizes. Membership is 100% free. Simply sign up with your main email address, or one you check daily. Fill in some basic information, and start entering our daily games. It’s important to use your real email address. That’s how we notify our lucky winners.

30 Sweepstakes Games
Winloot offers players 30 daily sweepstakes games where you enter your chosen numbers or use Quick Picks for each cash prize drawing. Players can also save their numbers to use again. Once you choose your numbers, simply click the Submit button to register your entry for each game. In Sweeps 1, for instance, pick 8 numbers for a chance to win the grand prize of $16.5k a month for life, or the lump sum payment of around $4.2 Million! Each of the thirty sweepstakes games have different prize amounts including $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 and $1,000,000 and other amounts in between. Follow the instructions to enter for each sweep and you’ll see how fast and fun it is!

65 Chances to Win $5,000 Instantly!
While you’re playing Winloot, you will unlock the opportunities to enter our $5,000 Instant Win game. You can earn as many as 65 chances per day to play this exciting game! When you see the game is unlocked at the top of your screen, go ahead and enter it. Just choose 10 numbers and hit GO. You can select you own numbers, or use the Auto Pick option. You can also save your numbers to play again. Click on Use Previous if you’d like to play the same numbers. We also have $100 cash prize for correctly matching 9 out of 10 numbers, and $10 cash for matching 8 out of 10. If you don’t win cash, you can earn tokens which can be used to enter our Token Prize Sweepstakes. To date, we have had over 30,000 winners in this game, so keep playing!

Token Prizes
As you play Winloot, you’ll earn tokens which you can use to enter our Token Prize Sweepstakes. These tokens add up rather quickly, so don’t forget to enter them. We have many token prize winners. Prize choices include a $1,000 Visa Gift Card, a 50” Samsung TV, an iPad Mini 4, and cash prizes of $100, $77, and $50. Simply click the down arrow next to your chosen prize and choose the number of tokens you want to enter. Also, check out the Token Prize Winners List while you’re there. You’ll see winners of all of these exciting token prizes, which is pretty inspirational!

Instant Win Games
Winloot also scatters instant-win games throughout the site, which you’ll come across as you play our daily games. The $100 scratch-off gives players the chance to win $100 instantly! Other prizes in this game include $25, $10, $5, or earn you can earn Tokens. Spin the Wheel of Cash is another exciting bonus game you’ll come across while playing Winloot. Simply click on Spin It, and see if you’re an instant winner. Cash prizes range from $1 up to $50. Winlootia is another fun game which gives players the chance to uncover the $500 cash prize treasure. Click on a spot on the map to see if you can uncover the hidden loot! We have many players who win this game. Check out our Winners Way list to see who’s won Winlootia recently.

$250 Cash Prize Winner Every Day!
Winloot loves giving away cash so much, we do it every day! One lucky winner is chosen from all of the days entries and awarded the $250 Daily Cash Prize. Keep an eye on your email. You may be lucky enough to receive that exciting and unexpected cash prize message!

Choice of Payment
Winloot offers winner a choice of methods of prize money payments. If you receive a prize-winning email notification you can choose a PayPal Payment, an Amazon Gift Card, or a check in the mail. Just be sure your contact information is up to date including your email and postal mailing address. Note: Prizes over $2,500 are paid by check.

Winloot has over 81,000 winners to date and our list keeps growing daily. To see a complete list of winners, visit our Winners Way page where we post winner names and prize amounts every day! We hope you enjoy all of the chances we offer here at Winloot and wish you good luck at winning some loot!