Join Our New Game Show – Winloot Live!

If you’ve always wanted to be on a game show, or just enjoy watching, check out Winloot Live. We’re super pleased to announce our new game show which will be airing every Thursday, at 3pm eastern time, on Winloot’s YouTube Channel from Winloot’s studios in New York. Matty Prizes, the show’s host, connects via live video feed with Winloot Live Contestants, who have the chance to win cash on the spot. Matty is so excited to be hosting this show and giving out loot to our fabulous players! We’re all pretty thrilled to have another fun way to award loot!

The show offers players a choice of three games. Contestants choose a numbered envelope which reveals which game they will play.
Game 1: Trivia
Answer five questions, either fill in the blank or multiple choice, for the chance to win up to $150. Get all five questions correct and earn an additional $50.
Game 2: Plinko/Prize Drop
Answer five True or False questions for the chance to win up to $250. Matty drops a disc down our Plinko machine for each time a contestant answers a question correctly. The dollar amount the disc lands on gets added to the prize money total. Depending on the correct number of answers, and where the discs drop, players can win up to $250.
Game 3: The Wheel
This is quickly becoming a fan favorite. With guaranteed spins, contestants are asked trivia questions to test their knowledge of Winloot. Contestants are guaranteed three spins and can win up to $300.

The fun starts when the contestant chooses an envelope which reveals which game they will play. In our very first episode, we had on Brenda from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Mona from Somewhere, Alabama, who both had a really fun time as our very first contestants. Tune into to Winloot’s YouTube channel to find out what games our first contestants played and how much cash they won. Stay tuned until the end to find out how you can become a contestant on Winloot Live for chances to have a great time and possibly win some loot! And don’t forget to tune in every Thursday at 3pm eastern time. You can post comments in real time and cheer your fellow Winlooter’s on. Whether you play or watch, it’s a great time for everyone!