23-Time Winner Travis J. speaks with Winloot

Winloot’s Prize Award Correspondent, Matt, caught up with Travis J. from Huntington, West Virginia, for a live video chat to find out what his secret is. Travis has won a whopping 23 times on Winloot, so we’re sure all our Winlooter’s would like to know how he does it! In fact, that was Matt’s very first question. Travis said he works from home, so he has a little bit of an advantage. He has a work computer and a home computer, and when he has down time from work during the day, he goes to Winloot.com and plays as many games as he can. He goes on to mention the other sweepstakes sites in our family of Winloot sites. Travis recently won $250 on our sister site RewardIt.com. He’s a big fan of all the sites and tries to play every single game every day. While some days, it’s not always possible, he does play as many as he can and understands that’s how to win! He said he found out about the other sites because he comes across them during the course of playing his daily Winloot games.  

Travis goes on to say he doesn’t have an exact strategy. At least he doesn’t think it is. He just goes with the flow of playing the daily games and checks his email messages. He tries to click through every email message he gets, knowing there are other chances to win by doing so. When asked which site is his favorite, Travis told Matt, “the original Winloot.” That’s the first one he started playing three or four years ago. He likes the $5,000 bonus game where players pick ten numbers for chances to win. In fact, Winloot gives players up to 65 chances per day to pick ten numbers for this cash prize! Travis said he’s come close to all ten numbers and it’s exciting to watch the numbers fill in. He’s gotten as high as 8 and 9 numbers, which gives players $10 and $100 payouts for partial matches. 

When asked about his recent $250 win on RewardIt, Travis said, at first, he thought it said $25. Then he opened the email message and realized he won $250 and “wow was that a nice surprise!” Travis said he “used it for groceries and to help out with some bills… So, it came at a really good time….” Travis goes on to say whether he wins $10, or $25 or whatever amount it is, it always seems to “come at the right time… at least for me.” 

Matt concludes his talk with Travis by asking if he has any general feedback. Travis said, “Keep up the good work…keep coming out with those new games…” He also told Matt he’s introduced some friends and family to the Winloot family of sweepstakes games and how it was the highlight of his mom’s day before she passed. Travis said it gave her something fun to look forward to every day and she did indeed win some $50 and $100 prizes. We’re certainly sorry to hear of your mom’s passing, Travis. You have our deepest sympathies. We’re glad she got to enjoy playing the daily games, and we’re sure she’s watching over you rooting for those $5,000 winning numbers and other prizes waiting to be won by you!  

Thank you, Travis, for taking the time out of your day to share your thoughts and inspirations with us. We love speaking with our winners and getting to know the folks who make our job so rewarding. Best of luck to you always from all of us at Winloot!