Winloot Token Raffle Sweepstakes

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Some of the favorite giveaways of Winloot members are our free token raffle sweepstakes. Winloot members earn tokens just by entering and playing free lotto style sweepstakes and instant win games.  Those tokens pile up quickly!

You’ll earn tokens for each free lotto style sweepstakes game you play every day, up to 120 tokens each day you play!  Here’s how it works: you get 1 token for entering Game 1, 2 tokens for Game 2, 3 tokens for Game 3, etc.  You can even earn tokens on all the Bonus giveaways…you’ll get 15 tokens for playing Game 15!

On top of that, you can earn tokens by playing our instant win matching number sweepstakes.  Here are the payouts:

0 matches = 20 tokens
1 match = 1 token
2 matches = 5 tokens
3 matches = 10 tokens
4 matches = 25 tokens
5 matches = 50 tokens
6 matches = 100 tokens
7 matches = 500 tokens

Make sure to check the top bar at to see how many tokens you have accumulated:


How can I use my tokens to enter the raffle sweepstakes?
Once you’ve earned tokens, you can enter our free raffle giveaways for great prizes, including Apple Watch, iPad, 55 inch LCD TV, Macbook, gift cards and more!