Winloot Secret Flash Giveaway – 10 Winners at 2PM EST Today!

Want to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card right now?  Tell us what you like most about and you’ll be entered to win a $10 Amazon Gift Card!  This promotion ends at 2PM EST.  At 2PM EST which is just a few hours away we’ll pick ten winners and send out the gift cards via email right away!  It’s that simple!  Good luck.

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26 thoughts on “Winloot Secret Flash Giveaway – 10 Winners at 2PM EST Today!

  1. Oronde Jarratta

    I like when you play lotto numbers you earn tokens to win prizes in coolest idea in the world!! 🙂


      You guys all win! Thanks for all of the great comments. Some of you posted on our FB page and were contacted there already. Your gift cards will be emailed shortly. Congratulations!

      This giveaway is now closed.

  2. Jennifer Ussery

    I Love Winloot cause it’s the ONLY game/sweepstakes that I play. They email me daily so I never forget to play and get my tokens. I’m addicted to earning tokens. Winloot makes it fun and easy to earn tokens. I have never won and I don’t know if I will ever win or if anyone actually wins but I will continue to play and accumulate my tokens in hopes of winning one day. <3 🙂

  3. Scott Simpson

    Winloot is AMAZING!!!! For me, personally…….I am disabled and live solely on a Disability income which is BARELY giving me enough money to live on…….but really, it’s works out to be about $5.00 / hr. Yeah, that’s it 🙁 (not even “minimum wage”)……..So, things are EXTREMELY hard to get by month by month.
    With “WINLOOT”……..they continue to give me “FREE” chances to win INCREDIBLE prizes on a daily basis……….in which I was lucky enough to win once as well ($100), which was Awesome!. Sure, I’d LOVE to win one of the Larger prizes……but even $100……(or something like one of these $10 giveaways they do from time to time is something that I would NOT be able to get otherwise……or AFFORD to spend without opportunities like this.
    So, I can’t Thank WInloot enough for being who they are……..and for continuing to come up with new and exciting ways for me (and all of us) to win cash and prizes more and more 🙂
    And that includes TODAY……….thank you so much for this chance to win………whether I win or not…..I really appreciate the “Chance” to win.
    Good luck everyone!!!!!….and THANK YOU, “Winloot” for just being YOU!!!! You ARE the BEST!!!!

  4. Sandra Leonard

    I play every day..I have won once for $10.00 a small win is better than none…Waiting for a big win and keep playing to get my chance in every cant win if you don’t play..Love Keno for the amazing prizes that are up for grab..I’m ready to grab mine!

  5. Lynnette Witcher

    Winloot helps me fill my time when I am not playing with my kids and also gives me a free chance to win money or prizes.

  6. Shivonne Grant

    I like clicking on my tokens after playing all the games and lotto and HOPING I have enough tokens to max out the entries for the CASH one, lol… I usually have enough for the 500 and SOMETIMES TWICE… then I enter 100 etc! FINGERS CROSSED for winning the CASH! 😉

  7. Susan Heflin

    Winloot is an honest website that pays out what you win. They don’t ask you to buy anything because, guess what, they aren’t selling anything. Play games for free and win cash, prizes or gift cards! What more could you want from a game? Thank you Winloot!

  8. Roxanne M.

    WinLoot is a bla, easy to play and hope to win someday!! Thanks 4 the chance you Guys!!!! <3 #PickMe

  9. Carmen o

    I love winloot. I play everyday. The thrill of a win gets my heart pumping. I would play just for that thrill. Keno is awesome and watching the numbers light up on mine is so exciting.

  10. Tamara Patten

    Love playing and praying for my chance Everyday to win a prize! But I’m really praying for one of the large cash prizes! Have had NO INCOME while waiting on disability to come thru. Need to pay bills! Wish me Good Luck!

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