How Do The Winloot Sweepstakes Work?

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lottoballsHow do the Winloot lotto style sweepstakes work?

Entering the Winloot giveaways is easy!  Our sweepstakes work exactly like the lotto, except Winloot is always 100% free.  Here’s how the Winloot sweepstakes work:

  • You can enter each of our sweepstakes every single day
  • Our first seven giveaways have prizes ranging from $100.00 to $1 Million
  • Enter each giveaway by selecting your numbers or using the auto pick feature
  • After entering the $1 Million sweeps, you can play the 8 bonus giveaways
  • Every night, we’ll pick the winning numbers for each giveaway.  If you match all the numbers for any game, you’ll win that prize
  • After entering 10 games, you can unlock our free $5,000 Instant Win game where you can win instant cash prizes
  • We also give out guaranteed prizes of $100.00 daily and $250.00 weekly.

Are you playing every day?  Winloot is fun, free and easy (and rewarding).  We have almost 3,000 winners so far…you could be next!