Winloot Live on Instagram!

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If you’ve been following our new games show, Winloot Live on Twitter, the excitement just got even better! Join host Matty Prizes on Instagram every Tuesday at 6 pm for more fun chances to win some loot! You’ll have a great time, interact with other Winloot players, and possibly get the chance to play and win some cash! In order to connect and participate, you must be on your cell phone. After you connect and Matty sees you online, comment if you’d like to play. All names will be put into a randomizer to be selected at random to play Winloot Live!

Once players are chosen, the fun begins! Matty spins the Winloot Cash Wheel and whatever the wheel lands on, the player wins that cash prize! Matty will invite you to join the show if your name was selected to play. In order to collect players are given the prize department email address, where they can send a message with the prize they won and their payment will be sent as a check in the mail, a PayPal payment or an Amazon gift card.

Players get one spin on the wheel per game. Missy Ann won $20 on the second episode. Virgil is a regular player, who played on the second episode too and won $5. Whatever cash prize players win, it’s exciting to watch, fun to play, and any win is free money, so why not give it a try? Harmony was next up on the second episode, and very excited. When Matty spun the wheel, she landed a $20 cash prize, just missing the $100 by a hair. We were on the edge of our seats! Her reply to Matty was “20 bucks is 20 bucks and I got to meet you!” She plays Winloot all the time whenever she has spare time in her busy day. The next player in the second episode, Angela R., was super excited to finally get on the show with Matty and introduced her dogs. It’s so great to connect with our players on a personal level and we just love the interaction. Angela won $5 and was happy to have been on the exciting show and win some cash. The next player, Linda D. won a nice $50 Visa Gift Card to round out this super fun second episode.

If you’d like to play, get in on the fun and you just may be our next contestant. Just remember to join WinlootSweeps on Instagram and throw your hat in the ring. You just may become our next contestant and lucky winner! Matty Prizes also encourages players to keep entering on because “you never know” when you’ll hit cash or other fun prizes!