We here at Winloot know as well as anyone that bigtime online sweepstakes are all about the opportunity to win a bigtime prize. And Winloot has got one whopper of a bigtime prize in our $16,500/month for life (aka $10 mil) or $4.2 mil lump sum.

Those are a lot of numbers, so let’s break it down. The total prize value is $10 MILLION DOLLARS!!! Did you just say that in the Doctor Evil/Mike Meyers voice? I know I did. If you choose a lump sum you will receive $4.2 Million OR you can choose the $16,500/month for life if you’re feeling patient.

There’s really no way to lose, right? How would you like to be the one holding that great big check? Or better yet, the one cashing it?
So how do you play?

After you submit your Registration Data on the Winloot® Website and click on the Confirmation E-mail, you will be shown a series of entry pages, which will include entry pages to one or more additional promotional contests offerings. You must complete each Additional Promotion entry page in the order presented to you in order to be eligible to move to the next Additional Promotion entry page and, eventually, the entry page(s) for the $16,500/month for life (aka $10 mil) or $4.2 mil lump sum Promotion.
Once you get to the $16,500/month for life (aka $10 mil) or $4.2 mil lump sum Promotion simply select 8 of 65 possible numbers and hit submit. If you match all 8 — YOU WIN.

You can select your own numbers, you can have Winloot randomly assign you numbers, or save your very own lucky numbers in our system in order to save time on future visits to Winloot. It’s just that simple.
So what are you waiting for– dream big, play games, and possibly earn your ticket to early retirement and generational wealth for you and your family with the Winloot $16,500/month for life (aka $10 mil) or $4.2 mil lump sum.

As always we here at Winloot wish all of our players luck and we hope to see YOU– in the WINNERS CIRCLE!