How To Check Your Winloot Winning Numbers

winning-numbers-7-19-15One of the most common questions we get, is how do I know if I won Winloot’s lotto style sweepstakes?  There are actually a couple of different ways you can check to see if you won and how many numbers you matched for each game played.  Our computers select the winning numbers at the end of each day and the winning numbers for all the lotto style sweepstakes are available by 3 AM EST the following day.

To find out which numbers you matched for each of the games you played, go to the Prize Draw section of (button is on the upper right side of the site) or just visit  You’ll be able to see the winning numbers for every giveaway, your selected numbers and which numbers you matched.

In addition, if you opt-in to receive the Winloot Winning Numbers email, you’ll get an email each day with the same information about the winning numbers and your matches!

And if you do win, we’ll send you a big congratulations email and ask you to confirm your address so we can mail you a check!