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Did You Know? Winloot Fun Facts!

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Here at Winloot, we love nothing more than awarding cash and prizes and staying connected with our family of players. When anyone wins, we all share in the excitement and joy! Winloot has been online for a number of years and we’ve amassed quite a loyal and dedicated group of members. If you haven’t joined our free membership and started… Read more »

Winloot Live on Instagram!

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If you’ve been following our new games show, Winloot Live on Twitter, the excitement just got even better! Join host Matty Prizes on Instagram every Tuesday at 6 pm for more fun chances to win some loot! You’ll have a great time, interact with other Winloot players, and possibly get the chance to play and win some cash! In order… Read more »

23-Time Winner Travis J. speaks with Winloot

Winloot’s Prize Award Correspondent, Matt, caught up with Travis J. from Huntington, West Virginia, for a live video chat to find out what his secret is. Travis has won a whopping 23 times on Winloot, so we’re sure all our Winlooter’s would like to know how he does it! In fact, that was Matt’s very first question. Travis said he works from home, so… Read more »

Winloot’s Daily Prize Draw Numbers

Did you know you can check the winning numbers on Winloot by each contest and date using the drop-down menu on the Winloot Results page? Just click on the down arrow on Prize Drawings and choose the Sweepstakes Game or $5,000 Instant Win Game you’d like to check the numbers on. Then click on the calendar and you can choose… Read more »


We here at Winoot know that Online Sweepstakes games are all about having fun and getting the opportunity to win real cash prizes just for playing. And what’s a better way to win than instantly? And at Winloot we have all kinds of instant winning opportunities for our players. Have you searched for the hidden $500 Cash treasure on the… Read more »



We here at Winloot know as well as anyone that bigtime online sweepstakes are all about the opportunity to win a bigtime prize. And Winloot has got one whopper of a bigtime prize in our $16,500/month for life (aka $10 mil) or $4.2 mil lump sum. Those are a lot of numbers, so let’s break it down. The total prize… Read more »

Preselected Sweepstakes

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In addition to each of the different Winloot games and the guaranteed Daily Matching Number sweepstakes, we also promote special sweepstakes in our emails. These sweepstakes are designed to create an added bonus to reward our most loyal players who play every day. For the Pre-Selected Sweepstakes, it is important to note that receipt of the email does not mean… Read more »