Winloot Sweepstakes

WinlootSweepstakes May 2023 Winners Spotlight

It’s been another exciting round of giveaways and we’re sure our lucky winners for the month of May are pretty thrilled to have gotten a winner email from us! Just remember, when you enter any of our free sweepstakes, the email you submit is exactly where you will be notified if you win. So, it’s super important to check for messages from us so you don’t miss out on collecting your winnings! With a ten thousand dollar cash prize coming up soon, be sure you spell your email correctly and enter every day until a new winner is chosen. We sincerely hope that winner will be you!

Charlie M. from Birmingham, Alabama, landed a cool $50 Amazon Gift Card after winning the May 10th drawing. That’s always a fun prize to win because everyone loves shopping on Amazon, and shopping with gift card money in your account makes it even better!

Randall H. in Beaverton, Michigan, might be planning a new fitness routine now that he has the help of the FitBit Inspire Activity Tracker he won on May 17th! This smart watch will help you track your steps, heart rate, sleep patterns, water and food intake and even alert you when it’s time to unplug and unwind for a good night’s sleep! That’s always important for your wellbeing!

Randall K. of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, might be buying a new chefs hat and apron since he’ll be cooking like a pro with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer he won on May 23rd! If you love fried foods, and trying new things, you’re sure to just love everything you can deep fry like your favorite celebrity chefs on television. They’ll throw just about anything in the fryer, and now you can too!

John H. from Halifax, Nova Scotia, might be relaxing with his feet up in his easy chair enjoying his favorite shows without any outside interruptions since he now has a pair of Wireless TV Headphones after winning the drawing on May 25th! That’s the way to tune in no matter what’s going on around you and with a 160 foot range you can even check the mail, get a snack or peek in the yard to see what the kids are up to without missing a single sound or word!

Freda J. in Travelers Rest, South Carolina, might be taking a rest at the local café since she has extra money in her wallet after winning the $100 Cash Prize drawing on May 31st. That sure is a nice way to end the month on a happy note! You might even head down to Walmart to do some shopping afterwards and pick up some things from your wish list! Shopping with prize money always makes that a lot more delightful!

Congrats to all the $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners this month too! We give this cash prize to someone each day and when you win you can decide if you want that prize money by check in the mail, PayPal or an Amazon Gift Card. Just be sure to reply to your winner email so we can pay you no matter which way you’d like to collect it.

Jack P. of Woodward, Oklahoma, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on May 5th. That could come in handy for a nice lunch at your favorite taco joint, since you did win on Cinco De Mayo! 

Hattie B. in Rowland, North Carolina, is an avid Winloot player. We know because she’s been on the winners list quite a number of times before and just landed the $25 Daily Cash Prize on May 7th! Way to go, Hattie! 

Donald T. from Interlachen, Florida, also has some extra spending money since he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on May 10th! Perhaps you’ll meet your buddies for a round of golf and enjoy a day out in that beautiful Florida sunshine!

Chris H. of Chattanooga, Tennessee, added his name to the $25 Daily Cash Winners list after winning the prize drawing on May 24th! That could be lunch money the next time you take the kids to the aquarium, or maybe you’ll order a family meal from Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

Fred F. in Salamanca, New York, also has an extra $25 to spend since he won the Daily Cash Prize on May 31st! That could certainly come in handy on Taco Tuesday at Rock’n Taco! We hear everything they make is simply amazing!

Thanks to everyone who entered this month, and congrats to all of our lucky winners! We hope you come back each day to enter and wish you all the very best of good luck at winning again or becoming a winner for the first time. Anything is possible when you keep entering Winloot Sweepstakes!