Winloot Sweepstakes

WinlootSweepstakes June 2023 Winners Spotlight

For avid sweepers, WinlootSweepstakes offers free entries on a daily basis into some truly great giveaways! Our top prize of $10,000 is currently open to enter with three free entries available each day until the contest ends and a winner is chosen at random from the total number of entries we receive. Our prize list includes a number of other great giveaways too, and, the good news is, it’s super easy to submit your free entries each day for the chance to become one of our lucky winners. All you need is a valid email address and a few moments of time, which could pay off with a nice prize win!

John K. of Staten Island, New York, put a $50 Amazon Gift Card in his Amazon account after winning the June 7th drawing! Everyone loves shopping on Amazon! With so many things to choose from it’s a shoppers dream! No matter what you’re in need of, chances are you’ll find it among Amazon’s millions of choices! You might even save it for Prime Day to maximize your gift card dollars and buy even more than you planned! You can also use it to buy groceries at Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh, so that might be a good reason to invite everyone over for a weekend barbecue celebration at your house!

Kristine R. from Simpsonville, South Carolina, has a reason to be extra happy since winning the super cool Samsung Chromebook drawing on June 15th! This is one of our very popular prizes because it’s so durable, reliable and portable! No matter what you need to get done, or where you need to be, your Chromebook will be your best companion when it comes to anything you need to do. That includes work and play because you can enjoy your favorite entertainment on a fast connection and with built-in security there’s no need to spend extra money on additional software. There’s an added bonus!

Lisa C. of Eagle River, Arkansas, might be gearing up for a whole new fitness regime now that she won the FitBit Inspire Activity Tracker on June 21st! That sure is perfect timing to enjoy the summer weather and get inspired to be more active. With your FitBit you can walk, jog, swim, work out at the gym and do whatever you like to do to maintain fitness and track your progress. You can even log calorie and water intake, monitor your sleep patterns and heart rate, and even get reminders when it’s time to unwind and unplug for the night so you can enjoy a more restful sleep!

Michael V. in Hendricks, Minnesota, also has some Amazon shopping money since he too won the $50 Gift Card drawing on June 22nd! Having gift card money when you check out your shopping cart always makes a trip on Amazon even more enjoyable. You may even have a wish list or items saved for later and now you can move them to your cart and check out your purchases to pay for them with your gift card money. That’s the best kind of shopping experience, that’s for sure! 

Speaking of enjoyment, everyone loves receiving an email saying they’ve won some loot! Sandra L. of Crossville, Tennessee, received that happy news after winning the $100 Cash Prize on June 28th! That sure is a nice surprise and a reason to perhaps do something special with it. Maybe you’ll call your best girlfriends to invite them to spend an afternoon at the Stonehaus Winery, or maybe you’ll go there with your significant other. With guided tours and complimentary tastings, it could be a nice way to relax and enjoy an afternoon choosing a great selection of wines to pair with your favorite recipes!

We also offer a $25 Daily Cash Prize, which someone wins every day! That’s some extra spending money you can use on anything you’d like to. Winners are offered the choice of being paid by check in the mail, through PayPal or receiving and Amazon Gift Card code to load into their account and use for any purchases they make. 

That’s a fun choice to have because everyone can always use some extra money these days! That could be a couple of meals from your favorite take-out place or pay for lunch and some gas in your car. You could also use it towards one of your bills or even to buy a gift for a special occasion. No matter what you need some extra cash for, be sure to include the daily giveaway in your entries because someone does win this prize every single day!

We hope you continue to enjoy entering WinlootSweepstakes and come back daily, or as often as you can, to enter to win some great prizes! Just be sure to check the spelling of your email address before submitting any of your free entries. We wouldn’t want a type-o to stand in the way of a potential prize award or payment! 

So, keep entering and don’t forget to watch your email inbox for messages from WinlootSweepstakes! We’d be delighted to notify you of a lucky win and add your name to our growing list of happy winners!