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WinlootSweepstakes July 2023 Winners Spotlight

It’s been another spectacular month here at WinlootSweepstakes! We know our winners are absolutely delighted to have received that exciting news in their email inbox! No matter what you win, we will always email you at the address you entered in any of our free sweepstakes contests, so make sure to spell it correctly and keep an eye out for messages from us!

Brenda D. might be sprucing up her garden or choosing new paint colors now that she won the $100 Home Depot Gift Card on July 6. There are so many choices of things you can buy with your gift card, it’s purely a matter of deciding what you want to spend it on. You might go for some accent lighting to enhance the mood of your living space. You could also use it for everyday items like energy efficient light bulbs to save on your electric bill. Or you might need a new tool like a leaf blower or weed wacker and now you can buy the rechargeable kind, so you don’t have to tote around a long wire to clean up your yard and garden. We hope you enjoy whatever you decide to buy, Brenda!

Andrea L. of Penns Grove, New Jersey, got a lucky winner email after her entry was chosen in the $500 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on July 12. Winning a Visa Gift Card is as good as gold because you can spend it just about anywhere! That could mean paying bills, shopping online, or going to the mall to browse your favorite stores and pick out things that you’ve been wanting to buy. Or perhaps you’ll discover something new to treat yourself to! You might buy a new outfit and book a table for two at your favorite local restaurant. After all, winning loot is a wonderful reason to celebrate and just go out and enjoy yourself! That’s one idea of ways you can spend it. You might also head down to Atlantic City for a fun filled weekend or just a night on the town. Even if you don’t hit the casinos, there’s so much to do with entertainment, shopping and dining, it’s sure to be a fabulous time with someone special. Have fun, Andrea!

Debra H. from Belle Plain, Minnesota, got a genuine surprise after winning the latest $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes on July 14! Debra was truly impressed by the news our prize director presented to her and said it feels “awesome” and very “cool” to win! Winning the top Winloot Sweepstakes cash prize is always fabulous and no doubt will enhance anything you want to do. Debra is an avid sweepstakes player; having told us she enters every available contest and submits every available entry every single day! That’s a surefire way not to miss a single opportunity to become a winner and it just paid off to the tune of ten grand for Debra! We know she’s enjoying all that loot, and sharing it with her rather large family too! We’re delighted to hear that you love to buy gifts for your 10 siblings and 47 nieces and nephews. With all that loot in your bank account they’re certain be on the receiving end of some incredible gifts! How kind to share your prize money with your loved ones. We hope all of you enjoy your win very much and have a great time celebrating together!

Gerald L. in Stayton, Oregon, won a cool prize on July 18, and is now enjoying a set of Wireless TV Headphones, which is a fabulous way to watch your favorite programs uninterrupted no matter what else is going on around you! If your kids are hanging around the living room or den on their own devices, you can watch TV and not worry about noise interference from their video games, music, chatting with friends or whatever they’re absorbed in. That’s a great way to spend family time together while still being able to enjoy your own shows, watch the game, tune in to the news, or immerse yourself in a good movie, put your feet up and munch on a bag of popcorn!

Junior K. of Port St. Lucie, Florida, might be in charge of the cooking in his house now that we won the Cuisinart Deep Fryer on July 20! This is a dream machine for those who love that down home fried flavor whether it’s crispy chicken, fish and chips, friend green tomatoes, hand cut French fries, or just about anything! You can always experiment if you’ve never friend something before and want to try it. Top chefs will throw almost anything in the deep fryer, and now you can too! 

Anitra W. of Smithfield, North Carolina, has some extra spending money now that she won the $50 Amazon Gift Card Sweepstakes on July 25! Everyone loves shopping on Amazon. There’s so much to choose from, you’re sure to find just about anything you might need, or have fun exploring new things! Once you decide on your purchase and check out your order, having gift card money to pay for it certainly makes the whole experience even better! We hope you find things you really enjoy, Anitra!

Congrats to all the $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners for July! We give this prize to one entrant each day because having extra spending money is always a good thing! No matter what you could use some extra cash for, be sure to include this giveaway in your daily entries! If you win, you can choose between a check by mail, a PayPal payment, or an Amazon Gift Card to collect your loot. From there, it’s all yours to spend any way you want to! 

Thanks for entering WinlootSweepstakes and many congrats to all the lucky winners this month! Be sure to come back daily and keep entering! While it only takes one entry to win one of our spectacular giveaways, you’ll want to submit all of your available entries because you never know which entry will be chosen in one of our random drawings and it very well could be one of yours! We wish everyone good luck and hope to see you on the winners list too, or again because there’s always the possibility you can win more than once!