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WinlootSweepstakes August 2023 Winners Spotlight

One thing that can make a hot summer a whole lot cooler is winning one of our free giveaways! We’re always thrilled to award prizes and shine a spotlight on our lucky winners each month! 

Patricia W. of Cherokee Village, Arkansas, got a nice surprise when she opened her email to find out she won the 75” Ultra High-Def Smart TV on August 3! That’s certainly something to get excited about! Now you can host movie nights, game days, binge watch any shows you like, easily find new things to watch using the smart remote, and see it all in stunning picture quality! Plus, with Roku built in you can easily switch between streaming apps and any other television services you have whether it’s cable or satellite. With one simple remote, you’re sure to never run out of things to watch! You can also download the Roku app to your phone so you can search by voice command. That’s a neat feature to have among all the great things that come with owning a Roku TV!

Dennis W. from Oviedo, Florida, may be rethinking his fitness plan now that he can incorporate the Fitbit Inspire Activity Tracker with all the cool features it provides. With battery life that lasts up to 5 days, you can sleep with it on to track how much quality shut eye you are actually getting and what type of sleep that really is. You can also track your water and calorie intake, see how many steps you take, and it can even let you know when it’s time to wind down and unplug for the evening to get a good night’s rest. We hope you enjoy discovering all the ways this nifty smart watch can enhance your life!

Kirk J. in Pioneer, Ohio, is also celebrating a win since he won the $100 Cash Giveaway on August 17! It’s always great winning loot because you can spend it any way you want to! Perhaps you’ll take your family out to Spokes Country Kitchen for a home style meal and spend some quality time together. With great menu choices at reasonable prices, there’s sure to be something for everyone to enjoy dining on! Whether it’s Sunday Brunch, a leisurely lunch, or a full course dinner, looks like you can’t go wrong order anything they serve! And don’t forget to order dessert. We hear their homemade pies are off the hook!

Winloot player L.L. is also enjoying some spending money courtesy of WinlootSweepstakes since winning the $50 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway on August 24! It’s always fun exploring the millions of items you can buy on Amazon and when you do decide what to get, having gift card money in your account to pay for it makes it even better! We hope you have fun deciding what to buy!

Theresa S. from Buffalo, New York, might be making her famous Buffalo wings, and other tasty delights now that she has the Cuisinart Deep Fryer she won on August 31! You’ll be frying up your favorite foods like a pro with this incredible fryer. No matter what you like to eat, fried foods always taste better. It’s fun to experiment and come up with new recipes, or make your family favorites. No matter what you fry up, they’re sure to think you ordered take out from a top restaurant in town. Wait until they find out you made it yourself. That’s sure to get some cheering coming from the dining table with requests for second helpings!

Congratulations to all the $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners for the month of August. We give this cash prize away every single day, so be sure to include your three free daily entries. Winners are always notified at the email they entered and from there can reply with their choice of a check sent by postal mail, a PayPal payment, or an Amazon Gift Card, to receive their prize money. From there, it’s all yours to spend as you choose. That could be a Friday night pizza delivery from your favorite place, gas in your car, lunch during your work day or even a special purchase to treat yourself to something you’ve been wanting to buy. 

Keep entering WinlootSweepstakes! Our site is open all day every day with free entries available for the chance to win $10,000 Cash, which we just love to give away! We also offer free entries to win electronics, gift cards, cool devices and more! It’s always easy and completely free to enter for your chance to win!

We’d love to notify you as one of our next lucky winners, so be sure to enter with an email address you check on a daily basis. That’s the only way we communicate prize winner notifications, so it’s an important aspect of entering our free sweepstakes giveaways. After all, if you win, you’ll certainly want to know about it. Good luck, everyone! We hope to see you on the Winners list very soon, or see you win again!