Winloot Sweepstakes

WinlootSweepstakes August 2022 Winners Spotlight

It’s that time to shine the light on our wonderful players and highlight the awesome giveaways they’ve won! We just love to brag a bit and congratulate everyone who got one of those exciting winner email messages from us! No matter what you win, big or small, you’ll always be ahead of the game since it never costs anything to enter or collect your prize. That’s what we call a win-win.

Hattie B. from Rowland, North Carolina, heads up this month’s list of $25 Daily Cash Prize Winners after she won the nightly prize drawing on August 1! We know Hattie is a dedicated Winloot player because she follows us on social media and has even posted her photo holding a previous prize check! We always love to see those smiling winner faces with a prize check in hand! Congrats on your latest win, Hattie! Our hat’s off to you and we hope you enjoy your loot!

Robert K. in Victoria, Texas, my be upping his fitness plans now that he has the help of the FitBit Inspire Activity Tracker he won on August 4! This is certainly a great reason to retool your exercise routine and now you can keep track of your steps, calories and water intake, monitor your sleep patterns, check your heart rate, and even get reminders when it’s time to wind down before bed so perhaps you’ll put your phone away, turn off the tv and listen to some relaxation music or do a meditation!

Bornny R. in Santa Ana, California, has some extra spending money after winning the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on August 5! That’s a fun surprise to find in your email inbox! Maybe you’ll use it to go see a movie at The Outlets at Orange, and perhaps hit the food court for a bite to eat afterwards. With 25 restaurants to choose from, you’re sure to find whatever you feel like having!

Pat T. of Terra Haute, Indiana, has some shopping money courtesy of Winloot since she won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on August 11! It’s always fantastic having money to spend on Amazon since you can buy just about anything you could possibly need! That could be a gift for a special occasion or maybe a gift for yourself to celebrate being a winner! It’s also fun to browse around and find something you may not have been thinking about buying but then when you see it, it turns out to be a great idea! Have fun shopping Pat. We hope you enjoy whatever you end up buying with your gift card!

Carol M. from Saucier, Mississippi, won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on August 15! It’s always fantastic having unexpected loot show up and now with some extra money in your wallet you might enjoy a nice lunch at the Dixie Diner to treat yourself and a loved one to one of their tasty home style dishes! We hear the fried pickles and Po’boy sandwiches are mighty tasty!

Kathy W. of Princeton, West Virginia, also has some spending money since she won the $100 Cash Giveaway on August 18, just in time for back to school shopping if you need to get supplies for the kids! Of course, you might even save some of it to take yourself out to a nice breakfast or lunch after the kids get on the bus, so you can enjoy a moment to yourself having a quiet meal at your favorite café or diner. Maybe you’ll head over to Dolly’s Diner and sit at the counter so you can catch up with old friends and enjoy a delicious meal and a great cup of coffee! We hear they serve homestyle breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert all day long, so no matter what you feel like eating, you can certainly get it any time at Dolly’s!

Anne L. in Owen Sound, Ontario, is no stranger to Winloot Winner lists, and just added another win after she was chosen in the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on August 20! That’s a wonderful surprise to find in your email and we hope it made your day to see you’ve won another prize from Winloot! Now you have some extra money to add some things to your grocery list, or perhaps you’ll do some browsing the next time you’re at Walmart so you can buy something special with your prize money!

Mahlon M. from Sturgeon, Maryland, will be all set for the start of the NFL season now that he can sit back and cheer his favorite team on the impressive 75” Ultra High-Def Smart TV he won on August 25! In fact, once his friends find out, we’re pretty sure they’ll offer to bring the game day food and beverages just to have the chance to watch on your amazing new big screen tv! We’re sure they’ll be pretty impressed with your win, and we sincerely hope you enjoy many game days and everything else you love to immerse yourself in, since you’ll have so many options of what you watch and many hours of enjoyment doing so.

Congratulations to each of our lucky winners for the month of August 2022. We’re always looking forward to seeing new names and familiar ones on the list each month and hope you enjoy your prize wins! Keep entering because we’ve got plenty of giveaways coming up, including the $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes prize drawing! Just remember when entering to use an email address you can easily access on a daily basis. That’s how we’ll let you know if you’ve been chosen to win any of our amazing giveaways and we certainly don’t want any of our winners to miss that exciting message from us!