Winloot Sweepstakes

WinlootSweepstakes TV Winner - March 2023

WinlootSweepstakes Surprise Winner Reveal, Cindy M. of Brandenburg, Kentucky

Cindy M. of Brandenburg, Kentucky, in the Louisville metropolitan area, got some exciting news in her email after she won one the second largest prize on WinlootSweepstakes! We sent Cindy a winner email, but didn’t initially reveal what she had won. Instead, our prize director offered her the opportunity to join him for a video chat in a surprise winner reveal discussion to which she agreed.

Cindy started by telling us a little bit about herself. Her hobbies include crocheting, quilting, and hanging out with her animals and her family. Cindy has been playing online sweepstakes for some time, ten plus years, and has won several prizes in the past from Winloot and our sister sites, such as RewardIt. Prior to this, the most she’s ever won is $500 on RewardIt. When our prize director revealed to Cindy that she won the 75” Ultra High-Def TV Sweepstakes, valued at $700, her initial reaction was, “I feel great, man. That’s terrific! Yay!” Cindy opted to receive the prize as a cash payment, which is something we offer to our winners, who always have that option. Cindy said, I’m going to take some of my family members out for a meal, for a nice dinner. That’s a long time coming!”

Will Cindy keep playing and entering? “I love the sweepstakes and I love to win too!” She added that she would tell skeptics who may not think online sweepstakes are real, “oh, they’re real for sure because I’ve won several times on several of the sweepstakes, so they’re actually real. I encourage everyone, if they can, to go ahead and enter.”

When asked when she finds the time to play online sweepstakes and if she has any advice for fellow sweepers who may be dreaming of winning a big prize, like the $700 she just won, Cindy said, “Keep at it. Don’t give up. You have to keep entering. That’s the only way to win. You have to keep at it.”

Cindy ended the interview by saying, “I’m Cindy from Louisville, Kentucky, and I just won $700 from WinlootSweepstakes. YAY. Thank you guys!”

You are quite welcome, Cindy. Thanks for chatting with us and letting us know how it feels to win our second largest WinlootSweepstakes prize drawing. We’re glad you’re so happy to win. We love to meet our winners and find out a little bit about them, so thanks for sharing your time and congrats on your big win!

We wonder where you’ll take your family out for a nice dinner, since you’ve got some pretty fabulous options in the Louisville area, which everyone knows is one of the culinary capitals of the country. Maybe you’ll head to The Table to enjoy fresh farm to table home style cooking that can’t be beat for the reasonable prices and exceptional flavors they create. That’s just one of many great choices you have, and with all that loot, you can certainly go our for more than one fabulous meal! You might even check out Benny’s Off the Water for a taste of that famous Kentucky barbecue flavor. After all, everyone knows the Bluegrass State is one of the best places on earth for authentic and original barbecue. Plus, if you want a table with a view outdoors when the weather is a bit cool, the deck is heated. That’s pretty amazing!

Have a great time, or many great times, with your family and your prize money, Cindy! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on winning and encouraging others to keep playing and entering. It’s certainly nice to get to know you a bit and we sure do hope to see you on the Winners List again and again! Thanks for entering WinlootSweepstakes and all the best to you!

If you’d like to see the full video chat with our winner, Cindy M., head to WinlootSweepstakes YouTube channel, where you can hear her words of wisdom about playing online sweepstakes and see her surprise reaction on winning this outstanding prize!