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WinlootSweepstakes September 2022 Winners Spotlight

It’s time once again to shine a light on our wonderful winners for the month of September 2022! Keep in mind, winners are notified at the email they entered in our free sweepstakes so please make certain to use an email address you check often and don’t forget to check for messages from us! We definitely want to be able to reach our winners and send their prize payment to them! We’re sure our winners definitely want that as well!

Fred L. in Hebron, Illinois, has the opportunity to take his fitness routine to the next level now that he won the super impressive Fitbit Activity Tracker on September 1. This nifty smart watch can count your steps, track your calorie intake and water consumption, monitor your heart rate and more, since there are so many great features built into this dynamic smart watch! You can wear it at the gym, on a long walk or jog along the beach, or when you go for a swim and not worry about getting it wet. It can also monitor your sleep patterns so you can find out how well you actually slept, or not, and take steps to improve your sleep quality with helpful tips from Fitbit such as winding down at a certain time which Fitbit can remind you of so you don’t lose track of how late it is and forget to unplug yourself from your phone or other devices. We hope you enjoy it, Fred!

John N. from Springfield, Ohio, may be getting some flattering compliments on his cooking now that he can fry everything like a professional with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer he won on September 8! This is the top of the line in home fryers and your family may think you ordered from a great restaurant or hired a private chef. But once they taste the culinary delights you’ll be preparing for them, you can let them know you did it all on your own with your new deep fryer. Whether it’s fish and chips, fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, or whatever you love to fry, you’ll finish it to a crispy perfection everyone will certainly delight in! They may even start calling you Chef John, and that’s always a nice hat to be proud of wearing!

Martha F. in Shreveport, Louisiana, has a great reason to celebrate since winning the $500 Visa Gift Card Sweepstakes prize drawing on September 15! That’s certainly cause to pause for a happy dance with that nice stack of loot with your name on it! Congrats, Martha. Having all that money is sure to make whatever you need to pay for a whole lot easier and since Visa is accepted just about everywhere you certainly have some great choices of where you can spend it! That could be put towards your monthly bills, pay for your groceries for the month or so, or perhaps you’ll get a head start on your holiday gift buying so you can take your time picking out extra special things for the extra special people in your life. We hope you fully enjoy it, no matter how you plan to spend that prize money, Martha!

Kelly P. of Southbridge, Massachusetts, can pick out new paint colors or whatever she may need for a new home project now that she can use the $100 Home Depot Gift Card she won on September 22 to pay for it! That can certainly be a motivator to get doing something you’ve been wanting to accomplish, and you’ll surely feel great about it when it’s completed! Sometimes just a change of paint color can add a whole new vibe to your space and make it feel fresh and new! Or you may decide on something else like holiday decorations or new Autumn mums for you garden. Enjoy it, Kelly, no matter what you choose to buy with your gift card!

Marcus M. from Canton, Ohio, also has some extra shopping money since he won the $50 Amazon Gift Card prize drawing on September 29! It’s always fun shopping on Amazon but having gift card money in your account can make buying what you want a whole lot easier! With so many choices of products, you can have an online adventure exploring your options. Or perhaps you’ve had something in your cart marked “save for later” and now, with your prize money, you can move it right up there to check out your purchase. That’s a wonderful feeling and we hope you enjoy it!

Mary Jane K. in Land O’ Lakes, Florida, has some spending money as well since she won our $25 Daily Cash Giveaway on September 29! We give this prize to someone every day because everyone can always use a little extra cash on hand. Winners are notified at the email address they enter, so be sure to enter with one that you check often and don’t forget to look at your inbox for messages from us. If you’re chosen in any of our daily random drawings, we’ll send you a winner confirmation email and from there you can choose between a check, PayPal payment or Amazon Gift Card to receive your prize money. Then you can use it to buy anything you want! That could be a nice lunch out with a friend, a new Bluetooth headset for your smart phone, gas in your car, your favorite pizza delivery, or whatever else you can think of since it’s your money to spend any way you choose!

Congrats to each of our lucky winners for the month of September. To view the complete list, head to our Winners page. We hope you enjoy all of the sweepstakes we offer with free chances to win. Just be sure to keep an eye on the giveaway date for each prize and come back every day, or as often as you can, to claim your free entries. You could very well be our next winner, or win something again if you’ve already won.

Included in our fantastic line up of giveaways is the top prize of $10,000 so don’t forget to keep entering until the next drawing date! And we can’t emphasize enough how important it is to enter your email correctly, use one you check often and please remember to check it! You won’t want to miss the thrill of a lifetime if you’re chosen to win our biggest cash prize drawing or any of our free prize giveaways!