Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Roundup – September 2020

If you’re a fan of all things Winloot, we sure hope you keep entering for chances to win our fabulous sweepstakes prizes and lots of loot giveaways! September has sure been a fun month for our players who have been winning the $25 Daily Cash prize each and every day as well as other fun and exciting prizes! On September 3, 2020, Theresa L. in Rochester, New York, won a fabulous $50 Amazon Gift Card! That was surely fantastic news to receive in your email from Winloot and we hope you use it to buy something you really enjoy! Speaking of joy, we’re pretty sure Sheryl B. in Bandera, Texas, is jumping for joy since she won the amazing 75” Ultra High-Definition Smart TV on September 10, 2020! That’s large enough to set up a drive-in theater on your lawn so all of your neighbors can enjoy it too! Or, perhaps, since everything is bigger in Texas, you have a great room to enjoy it in! Wherever you choose to watch all of your favorite entertainment on your fantastic new TV we hope it brings you many years of enjoyment! John H. in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, might just be enjoying frying up the catch of the day since he won the Cuisinart Deep Fryer on September 15, 2020! Now you not only fish like a pro, you can cook like one too! Bon Appétit! Jim M. is one lucky guy since he won our Winloot Live Giveaway with host Matty Prizes on September 17, 2020! What a fun show this is and Matty always makes everyone feel like a winner, so be sure to tune in for your chances to win some loot with our wonderful host! Dena F. from Akron, Ohio, may be planning a new exercise routine since she can track her progress with the Fitbit Activity tracker she won on September 17, 2020! No worries about gaining weight over the holidays now that you can keep track of your calories and burn them off with ease. Just set the step tracker and you may be quite amazed with that and all of the other fun features it has! Speaking of fun, Lori E. of Marshfield, Missouri, will be having a fun shopping spree with the $50 Amazon Gift Card she won on September 22, 2020! Calvin S. won a crisp $100 Cash Prize on September 24, 2020! That’s always a favorite among our many cool prize giveaways! Ron F. also won a cool prize on September 25, 2020 when he scored 6 Months of YouTube Premium services! What will Winloot think of next?! You have to admit, we do have the best giveaways in the land! Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy all of the free chances to win some really great prizes and lots of loot! Keep entering and don’t forget to open your email messages from us. You just never know when you may get that exciting winner message too!

Entering Winloot Sweepstakes is super easy. Just fill in your valid email address for any of the prizes you’d like chances to win. Just be sure it’s an email address you actually check because that’s the only way we can contact you if you are chosen as a winner. Each sweepstakes has a specified duration. When the contest closes, a winner is chosen at random from all of the entries we receive and notified at the email address they submitted on the entry page. That’s why entering your email address correctly is crucial to receiving messages from Winloot Sweepstakes. That’s the only way we can let you know if you won, and arrange to send your prize payment. Our sweepstakes contests offer multiple daily entries, so be sure you claim your chances by entering all of them for the prizes you’d like to win. We just love sending those winner messages and hope you win the prize you want so we can notify you too! If you want the most chances to win, be sure to get all of your available entries in each day. That’s the way to maximize your chances of becoming a winner. Have fun and good luck!