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WinlootSweepstakes October 2022 Winners Spotlight

It’s been an incredible month of October 2022 and we are so excited to see another player make it to the $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes Winners Circle! Gary H. from Greensburg, Pennsylvania, won the prize drawing on October 20, 2022, and is now in possession of a check for ten thousand dollars with his name printed on it! That’s our biggest cash giveaway and quite a tidy sum of loot which can enhance your life in any way you choose! Whether you put it in your retirement fund to grow it even bigger, take a fabulous vacation of a lifetime with the one you love, buy that classic car to add to your collection, or shower your loved ones in gifts and share the wealth, it’s yours to use freely any way you choose to and we certainly hope you fully enjoy whatever that turns out to be. Congratulations, Gary!

To our valued sweepers, don’t despair that you didn’t win this time around. There's another ten thousand dollars giveaway that ends at the end of December and all you need to do to qualify is enter you email on the sweepstakes page. In fact, we give three free entries every day, so be sure to claim yours. Winners are chosen at random from all of the entries we receive, so you’ll want to have as many entries in the pot as you can possibly claim. If you’re chosen as the next $10,000 cash winner, we’ll send you an email so you can claim that large sum of loot! That’s why it’s so important to enter with a valid email address which you check often. If we can’t reach you, we can’t pay you if you are chosen as the next big winner!

Michael S. from Stollings, West Virginia, also got a nice surprise in his email inbox after he was chosen to win the Wireless TV Headphones on October 6! Now you can watch the game and not worry about being interrupted by background or outside noise! You can also watch the news, tv shows, movies and anything you like and head to the fridge for a snack without missing a word since they have a range of up to 160 feet! Plus, they are very lightweight and comfortable with padded ear pieces so you won’t want to take them off before you finish seeing who won it or whodunit!

Jessie T. of Piketon, Ohio, may be gearing up for a whole new fitness regime with the FitBit Inspire Activity Tracker she won on October 13. Now you can count steps, calories, track sleep patterns and your heart rate and also keep up with your water intake. In fact, the FitBit will even remind you when it’s time to unwind for the evening so you can unplug from technology and relax to get a good nights rest, which the FitBit can also help you with by letting you know what type of sleep you were in, like REM, which is important for a proper sleep.

Bill C. in Pocahontas, Arkansas, has some extra loot in his wallet since he won the $100 Cash Giveaway on October 27, which is always great at the start of the holiday season, or any time of year! That could pay for new decorations, holiday food, a gift in every stocking, or maybe you’ll just head to Walmart and buy something for yourself you’ve always wanted. Maybe you’ve dreamed of having a pair of wireless ear buds so you can listen to sports, the news, or your favorite podcasts, talk hands free while you’re driving, and even tune in to your favorite music while you’re mowing the lawn so you can whistle while you work! Have fun, Bill!

Patricia W. of Youngstown, Ohio, received a winner email after she was chosen in the October 1 daily cash drawing. That’s $25 you can spend on whatever you’d like which could be a nice lunch at the diner with a friend, a manicure at your favorite salon, extra gas in your car or perhaps breakfast on your way to work. No matter what you use it for, everyone can always use extra cash these days so it’s a good idea to enter the daily giveaway because someone does win it every single day.

Congrats to all of our $25 Daily Cash Winners this month. To view the full list, check out our Winners page. We give this cash prize away every day so be sure to include it in your free entries while you’re entering to win our other fabulous giveaways. If you’re chosen in any of our random nightly drawings, we’ll send you a winner email to the address you submitted. From there all you need to do is reply and tell us which way you’d like to be paid. We offer a check in the postal mail, a PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card. Our winners always have those three options to receive their prize money absolutely free of charge of course! We wish everyone the best of good luck winning our sweepstakes giveaways and hope to see you on the Winners List very soon!