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WLS_Winner Spotlight October 2021

Another month just flew by but not without some super exciting prize wins for our players! Winloot Sweepstakes is so easy to enter, it’s as simple as filling in your email address for each prize you want to win. Just be sure to fill it in correctly and use the email you check often so you don’t miss any potentially thrilling emails from us, like a prize award notification! We just love sending those to our winners!

Euneva S. of Brentwood, Tennessee, starts of this list of winners after she scored the 75” Ultra High-Def Smart TV on October 7! You won’t believe your eyes and will wonder how you ever lived without one when you see the clarity on this amazing set. Add to that, you can stream your favorite programs and discover lots of new ones on any of your favorite apps! Once you have a Smart TV, there’s no going back! Congrats, Euneva! For our players who would like to win this awesome TV too, keep entering! We’ll be giving it away again!

Michele R. from Concord, New Hampshire, might be shopping for those cozy winter boots she’s had her eye on now that she can pay for them with the $100 Cash she won on October 14! It’s always fantastic winning loot to spend on anything you are dreaming of buying! Enjoy it, Michele! We hope it made your day and you treat yourself to something you deserve! Shawn S. in Cottageville, South Carolina, might also be treating himself to something special now that he has a $50 Amazon Gift Card to spend after winning the drawing on October 19! What an awesome site to shop on and with that loot in your account, you sure have thousands of great options!

Ennis R. from Kelly, North Carolina, can watch the game or anything else uninterrupted now that he has the super cool Wireless TV Headphones he won on October 21! You won’t miss a single word or sound with these extraordinary headphones on and if you need to hit the fridge for a refill, you can still hear everything that’s happening without having to pause the program since they have 160-foot range! !

Heinz R. in Cranford, New Jersey, might be showing off his culinary expertise and his friends may think he hired a private chef, when he’s actually preparing some awesome deliciousness with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer he won on October 28! If you envy the top chefs on TV and wish you could make all those great fried foods that look so easy if you have the right equipment, enter to win our next giveaway and Bobby Flay will have nothing on you!

Congrats to everyone who got that exciting email letting them know they were chosen in our daily $25 Cash Prize drawing! James W. of Falling Waters, West Virginia, could be heading to his favorite luncheonette and treating his bestie with the $25 Daily Cash Prize he won on October 5! That’s always a nice thing to do for someone you care about! William B. of Gladstone, Michigan, is no doubt glad he opened his email from us to find the $25 Daily Cash Prize on October 14. Mike S. in Oceanside, California, might be hitting the beach to buy some snacks and beverages for his buddies since winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on October 26! Congrats to all the winners this month! 

Thanks for entering Winloot Sweepstakes, everyone! Keep checking the prize list and entering for what you’d like to win. Be sure to get your entries in every day until each contest expires. Keep in mind, we notify our lucky winners at the email they register with their entries. So, don’t forget to check your emails from Winloot. We certainly wouldn’t want you to miss that ever-important prize-winning message! Winloot Sweepstakes is always 100% free to enter daily!

Be sure to enter our $10,000 Cash Sweeps while you’re here. 

Have fun and best of luck winning loot and cool prizes!