Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Roundup – October 2020

Hey, Hey Winlooters! 

It sure was a fantastic start to the month for Brenda C. in Eddington, Maine, who won the super fantastic $500 Visa Gift Card on October 1, 2020! Woot woot! That’s some fine haul of loot and we know you’ll have lots of fun with it since you can spend it just about anywhere imaginable! Whether you shop online, pay off some bills before the holiday season, or use it to buy some things to make your home comfier and cozier, there’s a lot that pile of loot can buy! Have a great time with it, Brenda! A big Winloot shoutout to our $25 Daily Cash Prize winners is up next! We know some of you opt to receive your prize as an Amazon Gift Card, and what a super easy and convenient way to spend your loot as quickly as you want! Congrats to John G. in Pataskala, Ohio, Alan G. in Los Angles, California, Lily S. in Riverside, Texas, and the 28 other Daily $25 Cash Prize Winners this month! You can check out everyone who’s winning by visiting our Winners page. Hopefully your name is on there, or will be sometime very soon! Keep playing and entering daily! Erica O. from Winslow, Arizona, did not win slow! She is the proud recipient of the super amazing Samsung Chromebook on October 15, 2020! What a great and versatile tablet prize with the portability to stay in touch with the world wherever you happen to go! Enjoy it! James L. in San Antonio, Texas, will no doubt be having some enjoyment spending the $50 Amazon Gift Card he won on October 20, 2020! Just in time to start making your list for the holidays! Anna A. from Bangor, Maine, is probably dancing around having a good time with the Wireless TV Headphones she won on October 22, 2020. Whether it’s your favorite concert, TV series or the news, you won’t miss one single sound or word with the superior quality these headphones offer! Plus, if you need a snack you can walk into another room with ease and not miss anything! Lupe G. sure had a great time with our fantastic host Matty Prizes on Winloot Live on October 22, 2020. Winning cash with Matty is always a bonus because he makes it even more exciting as everyone tunes in to join in on the fun! Speaking of fun, Richard P. from Tombstone, Arizona, is no doubt having fun frying up his family favorites like a pro with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer he won on October 27, 2020! There's no doubt you can fry up some really tasty treats just like your favorite local restaurant or celebrity chef! Arlette O. in Crosby, Texas, may just be the envy of her neighborhood when people see here walking down the road wearing her brand new FitBit Activity Tracker! It’s such a great way to keep in shape and set new achievable fitness goals! You can also just have some fun tracking how much you actually do walk around the house while you’re at home! Congrats again to all of our winners this month! We’re so delighted to see your names on our winners list and hope you continue to enjoy the excitement of Winloot Sweepstakes! Don’t forget to tell all of your friends! We love welcoming new players and seeing new names added to our very long list of winners! Have fun and best wishes for continued success and good luck!