Winloot Sweepstakes

WinlootSweepstakes New Big Cash Prizes!

We’re excited to announce the addition of some major cash prizes in the WinlootSweepstakes lineup! In addition to all of our fabulous giveaways, including the recently added Five Million Dollar Cash Prize, our users can now enter daily to win $888,888.88, which is nearly a million dollars! We’ve also added $125,000 Cash, which could very well change some things in your life in a major way! If you’re someone who believes that the number 7 is lucky, you’re in luck with free entries available to win a whopping $77,777.77!

The number 8 is also considered lucky by many who view it as the sign for infinity turned on its side. Imagine winning $888,888.88 just for submitting your email address in that empty box on the prize page. Are you someone who daydreams about what they would do with a large cash prize? After all, everyone has their wish list don’t they? You may want to upgrade your lifestyle and move to a better neighborhood where you can raise your family with all the amenities and best educational opportunities. You may be driving an old car and kidding yourself that it’s a classic that you truly love but secretly admit that if the opportunity came along, you wouldn’t hesitate to head to the nearest car dealer and trade that clunker in! You might also be an aspiring artist or musician, or even a culinary enthusiast and now, with all that loot in your hands, you would be able to pursue your passion and watch your creative dreams come to life! With all that money at your disposal, you can do virtually anything you please and that would be the most liberating moment of your life!

Now think about what winning $125,000 would mean in your life! Are you a homeowner who just can’t seem to afford to complete all of the improvements you always walk around picturing? What if you had the money to put that big deck with sliding doors on the back and make an entertainer's dream space to host parties and family gatherings? What if you had the money to replace the siding and roof in the style and colors that will make even the best designers a bit envious! What if you could add a circular driveway so you can drive right up to your front door or greet guests as they arrive just like in the movies? You might also be in need of a full kitchen renovation and now you can head to the showroom to pick up all the samples for flooring, cabinets, countertops and backsplash and feel like a big shot when you get home and lay them all out to see which would look the best? These are just some of the ways having all that loot could elevate your standard of living in a way that so far you’ve only imagined!

Winning $77,777.77 is also a possibility that could change your life for the better no matter how you would use it. Perhaps you aspire to become a chef and having all this loot would afford you the opportunity to attend the Culinary Institute of America to get your degree and dive into the world of food mastery. In fact, you’d have enough for tuition and the possibility of opening your own restaurant afterwards with this amount of money at your disposal. Just think what that would mean. It could be your dream come true. Who knows, you might even gain the recognition of the James Beard Foundation, or find yourself an invited chef on Food Network to compete against Bobby Flay or show off your culinary chops on Chopped. That could be another aspect of your new life of dreams coming true!

It is completely conceivable to win these large cash prizes. The only requirement is to enter, because if you don’t enter there is no way to win. It only takes one entry to win, but by submitting every available entry you will ensure that you have all of the entries possible in the running to become the winner of one of these large sums of life changing money!