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Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Spotlight – March 2021

It’s another rockin’ month for awesome prize winners here at Winloot Sweepstakes and we’re always delighted to spotlight all the cool things our players are winning, including everyone who scored the $25 daily cash prize! Congrats to all who received that winning email including: Peggy S. in Dallas, Texas; DeDrea A. of Pineville, Louisiana; Stephen M. in Schaumberg, Illinois; and Barbara A. in Ontario, Canada, who actually has more to spend since $25 US converts to over $31 Canadian dollars! Keep in mind, we send this $25 cash prize to someone every day, so be sure to enter before midnight eastern and check your email for messages from us. You could be our next lucky winner!

Lisa S. in Cleveland, Ohio, will be getting more done around the house or sprucing up her garden this Spring, since she has $100 to spend at Home Depot after winning this awesome gift card on March 4! That’s always a fun place to shop either online or in the store! We’re giving this prize away again, so if you’d like to win a $100 Home Depot Gift Card, keep entering every day until this sweepstake ends and we choose another lucky winner!

Gordon A. of Daytona Beach, Florida, has a whopping $500 to spend anywhere he chooses since he won the $500 Visa Gift Card on March 11! That will certainly go a long way to pay for some fun things. You could easily take your someone special out for a really decedent meal and still have plenty left over to go shopping for some cool things. Perhaps you’ll head over to the Ocean Walk shops and browse for a while to walk off that delicious meal you just paid for with some of your prize money! You might even impulse buy some new things, just because you can! Have fun with your loot, Gordon! We’re sure you’ll enjoy having that $500 to spend on anything you want!

Kevin M. in Anchorage, Alaska, took a spin on the Wheel of Cash and won a cool $30 cash prize on March 16! That’s always fun! We give our players free private spins for chances to win up to $300! You can also spin the Wheel of Cash on Winloot Live with host Matty Prizes on Tuesdays at 6 pm eastern. To play, simply tune in on Instagram from your cell phone and drop a comment to be randomly selected to play. Every player wins up to $100, so don’t miss your chance! Be sure to follow Matty Prizes and Winloot Sweepstakes on Twitter and Facebook too!

Bob W. in Tuscon, Arizona, also has some loot to spend since he just won a $50 Amazon Gift Card on March 16! That’s always an exciting prize since Amazon carries hundreds of thousands of items and, in most cases, you can get free shipping on orders over $25! You could buy a new pair of running shoes or hiking boots and hit the trails for some fresh outdoor exercise in the beautiful sunshine! That would certainly be a great gift to buy yourself which you’ll use for a long time! You could also try before you buy with Amazon Wardrobe where you can select up to 8 items and keep them for 7 days to make sure you like them before you pay. Have fun, Bob!

The luck o’ the Irish overflowed for Harold D. in Cullman, Alabama, who now has a crisp Benjamin in his wallet since he won our $100 Cash Giveaway on March 18! There’s nothing like winning loot to put a great big smile on your face, now is there?! Having $100 to spend on anything you choose is always exciting, whether you pay off some bills, buy some groceries, put gas in your car for the month or more, or just splurge and treat yourself to some things you’ve been wanting to buy. With that free loot, you can certainly pick up some awesome items to enjoy!

Betty V. in DeForest, Wisconsin, is no doubt counting every step she takes and getting in even better shape with the FitBit Activity Tracker she won on March 25! This amazingly sleek and stylish wristband device will let you know your heartrate, if you need to drink more water, and even tell you if you’re sleeping well or not! What will they think of next?! Enjoy it, Betty!

Keep entering Winloot Sweepstakes every day. We’ll notify you at the address you submit with your entry if you’re chosen as one of our lucky winners! Winloot Sweepstakes has something for everyone so be sure to check out all of the fabulous giveaways we have. Choose any or all of the prizes you’d like to win and keep submitting your free daily entries until we choose another winner at the close of each sweepstake. We’d love nothing better than to add your name to our list of happy winners and send you an awesome prize, gift card or some amazingly cool loot!