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Winloot Sweepstakes July 2022 Winners Spotlight

The month of July can certainly be hot, and that includes our list of winners! Our sweepers have been entering to win our fantastic giveaways, and getting those winner emails, which is always totally exciting for everyone, including us!

Calvin S. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, may be heading to his favorite sandwich shop for those incredible Philly Cheesesteaks to share with his best friend now that he has $25 cash after winning the daily prize drawing on July 2! We know everyone has a favorite they claim to be the best in the city, whether it’s the original Pat’s, Dalessandro’s, Tony’s, or another place you’ve been keeping secret, no one does Philly Cheesesteak better than the places in Philly and if that’s what you plan to spend your prize money on, aren’t you double lucky?!

Donald M. in Franklin, Ohio, has some extra money to spend at Home Depot after winning the $100 Gift Card prize drawing on July 7! With so many choices of what you can buy, you’re sure to enjoy having that loot to spend on whatever you need for home improvement, lawn and garden, or even a new tool for your work bench if that’s what you’ve been wanting to get. You may even decide to upgrade your barbecue tools and invite everyone to indulge in your culinary delights while the weather is so nice. Enjoy it!

Edrick B. from Brooklyn, New York, also has some extra cash on hand since winning the $25 daily giveaway on July 9! We give this cash prize to someone every day, so be sure to claim your free entries 3 times daily while you’re entering to win the other giveaways we offer. Congrats, Edrick. All we can think of is how great the pizza is in Brooklyn with hands down some of the best pizza makers in the world! Whether you’re a fan of Tontonna where you’ll wait an hour for an incredible $5 slice well worth the wait, or Di Fara’s where you can sit down and enjoy an authentic handmade pie, or any of the so many awesome choices, we’re in awe that you can just hop out your door and head to one of them if that’s how you’d like to enjoy your prize money!

Cynthia H. of Decatur, Georgia, may be putting on a new chef’s hat and apron, now that she can fry her favorite foods like a pro after winning the Cuisinart Deep Fryer prize drawing on July 14! Your family may think you ordered out from a restaurant, or hired a private cook! Once they find out what you won and taste how great everything is, you may never have to order fried foods from any takeout place again! Whether it’s seafood, French fries, chicken, and even homemade donuts, you’ll be cooking like a top chef and perhaps trying some of the things they throw in the fryer, which is just about everything!

Rickie R. in Worland, Wyoming, has some extra loot in his pocket since he won the $25 daily cash prize drawing on July 18! It’s always fun to win the daily cash and now, with that extra money on hand, perhaps you’ll head downtown to meet up with your buddies for lunch or maybe Happy Hour after work. Of course, winners have the choice of a PayPal payment or Amazon Gift card, as well as a check by mail, so if you receive a winner email, just let us know which way you’d like to be paid. It’s that simple to collect your loot and be on your way to enjoying spending it on anything you want!

Ron L. from Colorado Springs, Colorado, may be upping his game play now that he can get online faster with the Samsung Chromebook 3 he won on July 21! You must be totally stoked to have won such an impressive laptop! With lightning fast speed, long batter life and plenty of ram, you won’t worry about apps getting hung up, running out of power or sites you visit lagging to load. Plus, now you can enter Winloot Sweepstakes wherever you go since your Chromebook is so easily portable!

Kelly P. of Southbridge, Massachusetts, won the $25 daily cash giveaway on July 22! It’s always fun winning loot and now with that extra cash on hand perhaps you’ll order your favorite takeout food delivery and put your feet up to relax and take the night off from cooking! That’s one way you could enjoy your prize money and we hope however you decide to spend it you have a really great time!

Jim W. in Olathe, Kansas, may be putting his feet up in his easy chair without a care in the world now that he can watch his favorite shows uninterrupted since winning the Wireless TV Headphones Giveaway on July 28! With great range, you can also run to the fridge to get a snack, and not miss a word of your show! Plus, if your family members are on their own devices in your favorite TV room, you won’t be distracted while you enjoy your own entertainment. Have fun, Jim!

George S. from Fresno, California, also has some extra money on hand since he won the $25 daily cash prize giveaway on July 31. Perhaps you’ll head out for Taco Tuesday to enjoy your favorites with your best friend or significant other. With so many taco places in town, you sure do have some great choices for authentic Mexican flavors! Have fun with your prize money, George, no matter what you decide to spend it on!

Congrats to everyone who received a winner email notification this month. We’re always happy to send those out and hope you enjoy seeing that good news in your inbox. We hope you come back every day to enter for your chance to win all of the fantastic giveaways we offer, including the $10,000 Cash Sweepstakes, which you can enter up to 10 times every day until the contest ends and we choose a new winner!

Just be sure to use an email address you can easily access, since that’s the only way we notify our lucky winners and arrange to send their prize payment, absolutely free of charge of course! Our site is open online 24/7 so you can enter any time you’d like to. Just keep in mind, daily entries are available up until midnight each day, so be sure to get yours in before then. We wish everyone the best of luck at winning the sweepstakes prizes you want and hope to be sending you a winner message soon!