Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Highlights – July 2021

It certainly has been a thrilling month for our lucky winners, and we are so delighted to highlight some of our fantastic players who have won a great prize or some serious loot!

First, we couldn’t be more pleased to announce we’ve just awarded another $10,000 Cash Prize! Sincere congrats to Bob W. in Tuscon, Arizona, on becoming our latest $10,000 Cash Prize Winner on July 29, 2021! We know Bob is thrilled to win all that loot and we’ll be posting more about his reaction soon! If you’d like chances to become our next $10,000 Cash Prize Winner, be sure to enter every day until the sweepstake ends and we choose another very lucky winner!

Rayleda W. of Conroe, Texas, can enjoy her favorite programs in peace and quiet now that she won the Wireless TV Headphones on July 1! That’s a great way to not miss a single word of the dialogue or hear distractions while you tune in to see who dun it!

Belinda P. of Pana, Illinois, has $50 to spend on since she won our gift card giveaway on July 6! That’s a super fun prize since you have so many thousands of choices on Amazon! Have fun browsing to see all the cool things you can buy. We hope you find some things you love!

Diane H. in Davenport, Iowa, might be doing more in her home or garden since she won the $100 Home Depot Gift Card on July 8! What a fantastic gift card since there are so many choices of products online or in-store! Enjoy it, Diane!

Sandi H. in Northville, New York, has some extra cash to spend since she won the $100 Cash Giveaway on July 15! That could come in handy for a trip to the grocery store to stock up your cooler for a relaxing picnic by the lake to enjoy some quality time outdoors with your loved ones! Have a great time no matter what you use it for!

Scott B. in Jamestown, New York, might be in charge of the cooking in his house since he can get it done like a pro with the Cuisinart Deep Fryer he won on July 22! We’re sure everyone will think you ordered take out from your favorite restaurant once they taste how awesome your fried chicken is! Enjoy it, Scott!

Many congrats also go out to all our $25 Daily Cash Prize winners this month. Keep in mind that we give this prize to one player every day, so be sure to check for email messages from us. Drawings are held at midnight eastern, and the winner is chosen at random from all of that day’s entries. If you receive a prize winner email, you’ll have the choice of 3 easy ways to collect your prize money. We offer a check in the mail, a PayPal payment or an Amazon Gift Card. Just let us know if you receive a winner message which way you’d prefer to be paid.

Peter D. in Sparks, Nevada, started out this month’s round of $25 Daily Cash Prize winners on July 1. Danielle F. of Spokane Valley, Washington, also received a winner email letting her know she won the $25 Daily Cash on July 4! Just in time to celebrate with your friends and family! Sima S. of Southampton, Pennsylvania, also received a winner message after she won the $25 Daily Cash drawing on July 13! Congrats to all our winners! For a complete list, visit our Winners page. We hope you see your name there and get one of those exciting winner messages really soon!

Keep in mind that once we award a prize, the sweepstake is reset with a new end date, so be sure to keep entering for your free chances to become one of our next lucky winners! We’d be delighted to send you a great prize or some awesome loot! Good luck!