Winloot Sweepstakes

2020 Winner Recap

Winloot Sweepstakes = we love awarding our winners!

Steven S. in Deerfield Beach, FL, is one lucky guy since he won a Chromebook on February 13, 2020. Steven took the $222 cash value and that’s certainly enough loot to have some fun in the sun! Perhaps Steven took the day off and grabbed his rod and reel to spend a nice afternoon on the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier! That sounds like a relaxing way to celebrate! 

Joy M. of Germantown, PA, won our $500 Visa Gift Card sweepstakes. Living in greater Philadelphia, we’re sure Joy can find several ways to enjoy the $500 Visa Gift Card. Maybe she’ll take her gang out for Pat’s or Gino’s famous Philly Cheesesteak sandwiches and celebrate her victory. We’re hungry just thinking about that mouthwatering delight with all the gooey cheese and super lean meat on that crusty roll! If not Pat’s or Gino’s, we ready that John’s Roast Pork on Snyder is one of the best in the city and even won a James Beard Award for Culinary Excellence for their delectable cheesesteak sandwich! (The Winloot Sweepstakes team is contemplating a company road trip to get a few ourselves.) If not cheesesteaks, Joy knows that Visa is accepted virtually anywhere that takes credit cards, so she can find endless other ways to celebrate with the $500 gift card.

Aloha to Barbara S. from Aloha, OR. Barbara won the Kindle Fire 8 HD Tablet on January, 28th. We hope you enjoy all the surfing, streaming, shopping and reading that the Kindle Fire 8 puts in her hands. This handy reader is easy to take with you to read the latest best seller, a daily newspaper and to stream content from several services. You can also shop on using Alexa and/or listen to or watch content on Amazon services.

On January 1st Gloria B. from Santa Rosa, CA, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize. On January 2nd Leslie R. from Chicago, IL, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize. Redina VW from El Reno, OK, was our January 3rd $25 Daily Cash Prize winner. Tom C. in Hamburg, AR, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 4th. David C. in Las Vegas, NV, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 5th. Nancy S. from Rockledge, FL. was our $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner for January 6th. Don’t forget, you can choose to claim your cash prize as an Amazon Gift Card, in case you’d like to go shopping right away. Amazon is the world’s largest online marketplace and there are thousands of items $25 can buy, plus you’ll get free shipping on most $25 purchases! Our next congratulations go out to Charles C. from Rosemont, WV, who was our January 7th Special Sweeps winner of a $50 Amazon Gift Card. Way to go Charles. We hope you enjoyed buying something nice with it! Trudy from Salisbury, CT was our January 8th $25 Daily Cash Prize winner. Betsy S. in Westminster, CO, was our January 9th $25 Daily Cash Winner. Perhaps Betsy enjoyed a nice hot lunch out with friends on a cold winter day! Thomas C. of Waterville, ME, was no doubt stoked after winning a $100 Home Depot Gift Card in our Special Sweeps on January 9th. That’s certainly a cool prize and very convenient since there’s a Home Depot right in Thomas’s hometown!

$25 Daily Cash Winner’s keep rolling in every day! Ronnie L. in Vancouver, WA, was our January 10th $25 Daily Cash Winner. Lennora K. in Jeanette, PA, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 11th. Stephanie S. from Coraopolis, PA, might have enjoyed a nice Sunday Brunch with the $25 Daily Cash Prize she won on January 12th. Monday, January 13th got a bit nicer for Ronnell P. in Buffalo, NY, who was the $25 Daily Cash Winner. Darrin R. in Richardson, TX, also had his day brightened on January 14th when he won the $25 Daily Cash Prize. Congrats everyone! Keep playing Winloot Sweepstakes every day.

Mark M. in Palatine, IL, was $25 richer after winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 15, 2020. Rosetta B. in East Sparta, OH, might just be hitting the town in style sporting the beautiful Pandora Layered Heart Necklace she won in our January 15th Special Sweeps! That’s a beautiful piece and Pandora jewelry is always a nice fashion statement your friends will certainly admire! Congratulations also go out to another January 15th Special Sweeps winner, Laraine A. from Astoria, NY, was $100 richer That’s certainly a nice bit of cash to maybe head into Manhattan and have some fun!

And more $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner’s kept rolling in. Big congrats to Patricia R. of Early, IA, for winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 16th. Joella H. in Montgomery, AL,was certainly having a happy Friday after winning the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 17th. Lori H. from Lewiston, ME, was our January 18th $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner. Michele B. in Albuquerque, NM, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 19th. Cynthia V. from Largo, FL is our January 20th $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner. Chancey B. in Florence, AL, won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 21st. Sandy M. from South Portsmouth, KY, was another happy Winloot Sweepstakes member. Sandy won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 22nd.

Rhonda H. from Knoxville, TN, is a two-time winner of the $25 Daily Cash Prize, having won on both January 23rd and January 25th. That’s $50 in two-day's time just for entering her email address in the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway each day. Congrats also to out to Charles C. of Rosemont, WV, who won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 24th. Keep in mind, you have the choice of how to get your prize payment. If you’d prefer an Amazon Gift Card, just let us know when you reply to your winning email message. We can also pay into your Pay Pal account, which only requires the email address associated with Your PayPal and the payment goes in pretty quickly – usually within a couple of business days. You can also request for a check to be sent in the mail. It’s entirely up to you which method of payment to choose when you win. Robert H. in Lansing, MI, is our $25 Daily Cash Prize winner for January 26th. There are thousands of items you can buy on Amazon for $25 with free shipping so if it’s cold outside, stay in and do your shopping online! Congrats also go to Karen T. from Philadelphia, PA, who won the $25 Daily Cash Prize on January 28th. Way to go Karen. Maybe a nice lunch out or Happy Hour with the gang is on your agenda this week! Michael L. from Yucaipa, CA, is our $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner for January 29th, just in time for Super Bowl weekend! Kim S. from Maricopa, AZ, is our Special Sweeps winner for January 30th and scored a nice $50 Amazon Gift Card. Way to go Kim! Have fun deciding what to spend it on and enjoy exploring the thousands of cool things on Jacqueline T. from Rochester, NY, is our $25 Daily Cash Prize Winner for January 30th and Rita M. of Lake Alfred, FL, rounds out this month on January 31st as our $25 Daily Cash Prize winner. Congratulations everyone! Keep entering to win, because one thing in life is certain, Winloot Sweepstakes will be awarding all of these prizes to our lucky winners. Have fun and good luck!

Entering Winloot Sweepstakes giveaways is simple. All we need is a valid email address. Just fill in the email you use the most often and enter for your chance to win each prize you’d like. Be sure to enter your email address correctly because it’s the only way we’ll be able to let you know if you’re a lucky winner when the giveaway ends.