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$500 Visa Gift Card Winner - Joyce L. - December 2021

Joyce L. from Hickory, North Carolina, has even more reason to celebrate this holiday season after winning our $500 Visa Gift Card on December 16, 2021! What fantastic news to get in your email and we’re simply delighted you’re our lucky winner for this prize drawing. We’ve reset this sweep so for those who didn’t win the latest prize drawing, keep entering!

Congrats to you, Joyce! We’re sure you are rejoicing for entering our free sweepstakes and can enjoy the holidays even more with $500 in your hands! Perhaps you’ll put extra gifts under the tree, or pay off the ones you already bought so you can start the New Year with no credit card bills! Visa is so widely accepted; your choices are many on how you can enjoy using it. Perhaps you’ll head over to the Valley Hills Mall to browse for extra gifts or even buy yourself something you’ve always wanted! It sure is exhilarating having $500 to spend on anything you want, isn’t it?! Maybe you’ll also go to the Walmart Neighborhood Market and buy some extra groceries to prepare some family favorite recipes and enjoy all the trimmings that go with those special meals. You could even pick up some bakery goods for extra added treats or buy the ingredients to bake them yourself. You might even set up a cookie decorating station so everyone can gather around and enjoy the fun of making their own unique creations. That’s always a terrific way to spend some quality time together and make new memories you can look back on! Don’t forget the hot cocoa with candy canes. Those are always a favorite for those who love that chocolate with peppermint flavor combination! Have a great time, Joyce, and Happy Holidays to you and your family. We’re so thrilled to have you among our awesome group of sweepers and add your name to our long list of happy winners!

We hope you continue to enter every day. We’ll be awarding a new $10,000 cash prize on February 10, 2022, so don’t miss your 10 free daily entries! We always get super excited when the time is near for another of our fabulous sweepers to win a cool ten thousand dollars! Winning that much money can certainly enhance your quality of life and offer you the opportunity to enjoy some of the finer things. Some of our past winners also chose to help family members and that’s one of the many great things we love about our players. When they win big, they share the wealth! We’re counting the days until we can announce the new winner and wish everyone lots of good luck at getting that thrilling news! Just be certain to use your main email address and be sure you are receiving messages from us. If you’re chosen as our next $10,000 cash prize winner, we’ll send you a winner email notification at the email you entered with the winning submission. If you’d like to see how happy our past $10,000 winners are, head to our YouTube channel where you can see the exciting winner reveals and find out just how thrilled they were to win!

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