Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Highlights - August 2021

It’s always exciting winning loot! After all, that’s what we’re here for! We love giving away money so much, we do it daily. We also offer multiple entries for each prize every day to give our players the most possible chances to become one of our lucky winners! Just be sure to enter your email address correctly so we can reach you right away with potentially exciting news like a prize winner notification!

It’s true, we do send out reminders to play because we don’t want you to miss a single chance to win, but we also send prize winner messages to the email address you enter with. So, be sure to check for messages from us and claim every entry available every day to maximize your potential to become one of our next winners! It’s always 100% free to enter and prize payments are delivered at absolutely no cost to the winner. That’s what’s called a win-win!

Cathy B. of Dayton, Ohio, added her name to the winner list on August 1, when she got one of those surprise email winner messages saying she won the $25 Daily Cash Giveaway! That could come in handy to buy something fun on Amazon if you choose a gift card as your prize payment. You can also opt for a PayPal payment or check in the mail. Just let us know when you reply to your winner message which payment method you prefer.

James H. of Clovis, New Mexico, is also among the $25 Daily Winners since he was chosen in our random prize award drawing on August 4! That could pay for a fun day at the Hillcrest Park Zoo to visit all the wonderful animals there. Since it’s $4 or less to get in, you’ll still have money left to enjoy a nice lunch out at your favorite place or bring home a tasty takeout meal. Did someone say Tacos?

Peggy B. in Riverside, California, might be adding some miles to her fitness routine, and logging the water she drinks during the day, now that she can do that and more with the FitBit Inspire Activity Tracker she won on August 5! Not only that, but you can also see the quality and length of your sleep patterns, set weight goals, keep track of your calorie intake and monitor your heart rate to meet your daily fitness targets. This smart watch is a great asset, and we hope you enjoy using all the amazing features it has.

Jessika H. in Boonville, Missouri, can also go shopping or perhaps out for a nice lunch with the $25 Daily Cash prize she won on August 6. You might even get a new manicure or buy something special to make for dinner. There are a lot of ways you can enjoy $25, and we hope you’re excited to have some extra cash to spend however you want to!

Richard G. in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, has $50 to shop on Amazon since he won the gift card giveaway on August 12! That’s a fun surprise and now you can browse thousands of items to decide what you’d like to buy. In fact, Amazon has several hundred thousand items for $50 or less so you’re sure to have a great time looking at all the cool things you can get with your gift card!

Sandi H. in Northville, New York, is no doubt enjoying her favorite shows uninterrupted since she won the fabulous Wireless TV Headphones on August 19! Add to that, you can walk into the kitchen to get a snack and not miss a single word of your program no matter whether you’re sitting in front of your TV or not! This is another fantastic giveaway and we’re running it again, so if you’d like to win this prize like Sandi did, be sure to enter every day until this sweepstake ends again and we draw a new winner!

Amy H. from Graysville, Alabama, can certainly up her game play and everything else she likes to do now that she has the super cool Samsung Chromebook which she won on August 26! This handy little laptop has all you need to get your daily tasks done, stay in touch with all the things and people you love and, of course, enter Winloot Sweepstakes with ease since you’ll have great connectivity and speed in the process!

If you haven’t won the prize you want yet, be sure to keep entering every day. That way you won’t miss one chance to become our next lucky winner! Keep an eye on the sweepstake end dates and be sure to check for email messages from us. That’s where we’ll let you know if you won! It’s important to enter your email address correctly and use one you check frequently. The email address you submit is how we record your entries and pick a winner at random each time one of our sweeps ends. It’s also the email we’ll use to contact you and arrange to deliver your prize completely free of charge.

Don’t forget, we had another $10,000 cash prize winner, Bob W. of Tucson, Arizona, on July 26! We’re running this large cash prize sweepstake again, so don’t miss any of your free entries and you just may be the next one to get that amazing surprise message and a big fat check for ten thousand dollars!

Have fun entering and good luck winning! We’d be delighted to send you a winner email message and fantastic prize award next!