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WinlootSweepstakes $500 Visa Gift Card Winner - June 2022

It’s always exciting sending a winner email to one of our sweepers to let them know they’ve won some loot or a cool prize! Fred L. of Hebron, Illinois, got that happy news after winning the $500 Visa Gift Card prize drawing on June 23, 2022! What a fantastic surprise that must have been and we hope it made your day when you found out how much you won! The Visa Gift Card is such a versatile prize because you can use it just about anywhere you want to! You can pay your bills to get ahead of the months expenses and that’s always a welcomed relief. You could also shop online to buy some things you’ve wanted to get but didn’t have the extra money and now you do! Perhaps you’ve wanted to upgrade your grill so you can show off your culinary expertise and invite everyone over to some fun backyard barbecues over the summer. Ace Hardware might have just what you need, and you could even pick up a new set of barbecue tools and a chef’s and apron hat to really show off a bit! After all, you are a winner so why not dress like a winning chef too?!

If you’re more of a sit down and be served kind of person you could go out to dinner quite a few times if you’d like to use your gift card money to treat your better half to some nights off from cooking and enjoy sampling the local cuisine. You could get a nice table for two at Crandall’s Restaurant and sit down to one of their famous All You Can Eat “Broasted” Chicken dinners. At $14.95 with rolls, Cole Slaw, and mashed potatoes or fries combined with all you can eat chicken, you’ll definitely make good use of some of that loot and enjoy their signature dish many times if that’s what you’d like to do. You might even go on a Friday to enjoy the Fish Fry Dinner special and head back on Sunday for brunch!

You could also use your gift card for vacation to buy airline tickets, pay for a hotel or car rental, or cover expenses while you’re away like meals, attraction tickets and souvenirs. Or you could decide to take a staycation close to home and rent a cabin on the lake for the weekend to do some fishing and kick back for a while. That’s a fun way to spend that loot! You could enjoy grilling up your own fresh catch of the day and spend time enjoying the outdoors with your favorite people. You may also decide to head to Lucky 7s Gaming on the way home to shoot some pool and try your luck at the slot machines before you sit down to a nice dinner to round out your weekend fun! Those are just some ideas of how you might have a great time with your prize money and, of course, you can use it for anything you want to. Whatever that turns out to be we hope you fully enjoy it! Thanks for entering Winloot Sweepstakes and congrats on an awesome prize win!

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