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What Would You Do With a $10,000 Cash Prize?

Imagine the possiblities

Imagine winning $10,000! What would you do with all that cash? This is a legit question, because Winloot Sweepstakes will be awarding this $10,000 cash prize to one lucky winner! So, what would you do with $10,000 if you won it? You could play it conservative, and start a college or retirement fund. You could also go wild, and take that dream vacation that’s been on your bucket list for so long! Or, would you just go shopping? If so, what would you buy?

$10,000 is quite a bit of coin. Maybe you’ve been dreaming of some updates for your home. For that amount of money, you could certainly make some amazing improvements to your home furnishings. Starting with new area rugs, eRugs has some amazing high-quality area rugs for really great prices. Afterall, you don’t want to spend all that cash on just one thing. But if you’d love to feel the luxury of a real Persian rug under your toes, you can find some amazing designs for between $500 and $3,000. You don’t have to spend that much though, especially if you have plans to redecorate your entire space. You can also find really decent quality rugs for a few hundred bucks. They have so many choices, you could spend your whole day deciding what to buy. Sites like and Wayfair have limitless choices of home furnishings. You could literally shop till you drop without leaving your comfy chair! So, make sure you order the rug first. If you drop out of your chair from all that shopping, you’ll want to land on something soft!

On the other hand, if you’ve been dreaming of updating your kitchen and have been drooling at the commercials for the latest smart appliances, thinking you’d love to tell Alexa to lower the temperature on the oven or start the dishwasher, there are some excellent choices to suit every cooking need. If you’re real chefy and want top quality, Whirlpool is an excellent choice for package deals. For $10,000 you could most likely include the smart washer and dryer of your dreams in your upgrades. Samsung also has an amazing Smart Refrigerator for around $2-$3,000. Home Depot has it listed at $3119 with a sale price of $1,998. The features are really advanced. You can actually check the stock in your fridge from your smart phone, so you won’t forget anything when you’re at the grocery store. It also has a touchscreen with a family hub for shopping lists, notes, photos, music and, if you really don’t feel like grocery shopping, you can even order delivery from GrubHub through the interface. You’ll feel like the boss of the universe being able to voice-command your appliances! You might even want to go all out and add a smart faucet for your kitchen sink. has a nice Delta voice-activated choice, where you can even tell it how much water you need, like just a cup for a recipe. It runs through Alexa or Google Assistant. Now, that’s living in style, isn’t it?!

Now, perhaps you’re not really a home-body and you’d like to just like to do something fun with all that cash. Well, how about a nice down-payment on the car of your dreams? Yes, cars are a bit pricey these days, but with a down-payment of $10k, you’d certainly have smaller monthly payments and a shorter loan term. You could also just plain splurge and throw a party, invite all your friends and hire your favorite band! After all, you probably work hard every day, right?! Whatever you decide, if you happen to be our lucky winner, the choice is yours on how you choose to spend or save it. We hope you enjoy and wish you all the best of luck!

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