Winloot Sweepstakes

Winloot Sweepstakes Winner Highlights – May 2021

They call it the merry month of May for a good reason. After all, who wouldn’t be merry about winning cash and cool prizes on Winloot Sweepstakes?! We’re pretty sure Nayda K. of West Palm Beach, Florida, has a smile on her face since she won the super cool FitBit Activity Tracker on May 6! Now you can see how much walking you actually do, how long and well you sleep, and keep your fitness goals at a glance so you can be sure to stay in shape! We love this prize so much; we’re giving it away again so be sure to enter daily for your chance to win our next prize drawing!

Sandy B. in Modesto, California, won three free chances to spin the Winloot Prize Wheel on May 11. This is really exciting since you can win between $30 and $300 cash! No matter what you win, it’s free money! So, be sure to claim your 5 free daily chances to win our next spin on the prize wheel and you could have some loot coming your way too!

William M. from Cedar Rapids, Idaho, is no doubt having even more fun playing Winloot Sweepstakes now that he can do it on the Samsung Chromebook he won on May 13! Now, no matter where you go you can take Winloot and all of your favorite activities with you! This is another great prize which we just love to give away, so be sure to keep entering if you’d like to win one too!

Hubert H. in Hobbs, New Mexico, is certainly going to be getting more done around the house now that he has $100 Home Depot Gift Card he won on May 20! That’s always an exciting prize to win since there is such a vast selection to choose from! Whether you want to do some painting, spruce up your lawn and garden, buy new lighting, or add some tools to your work bench, you’ll surely find many great options to spend your gift card on!

Kay B. from Marietta, Georgia, also has some cash to spend on whatever she chooses since she just won our $100 cash prize on May 25! That could definitely come in handy to buy some new summer clothes at the mall and perhaps follow it with a nice lunch at your favorite place! Sounds like a really enjoyable way to have fun with your loot!

Congrats also go out to our many $25 Daily Cash Prize winners this month. We give this cash prize away every single day so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox for emails from us! That could certainly put some gas in your car, pay for a great lunch or pizza from your favorite shop with all the best toppings, or even buy something fun on if you choose that as one of our three easy ways to collect your loot! Cynthia V. in Largo, Florida, might be using her $25 cash prize, which she won on May 5, to head to her favorite salon for a nice relaxing manicure! Dave C. in Algonac, Michigan, might be meeting up with his buddies for Happy Hour since he has $25 extra loot in his pocket after winning the daily give away on May 6! Doris W. in Little River, South Carolina, might be heading to the local farmers market to buy some fresh produce with the $25 daily cash prize she won on May 12! Congrats, everyone! For a complete list of winners be sure to visit our Winners page. If you haven’t won yet, we hope to add your name there really soon, so keep entering!

When you enter any of our sweeps, be sure to use your real email address, and preferably one you check every day. That’s how we notify our lucky winners, no matter which prize they’ve won. It’s always 100% free and 100% fun to play Winloot Sweepstakes! We hope you enjoy all of the exciting chances we offer to win cash and really cool prizes and wish you all the best of good luck!