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We’re Doing it Again: $10,000 Cash Prize Giveaway

In May of 2020, we were so excited to award the $10,000 Cash Prize to John M. of Corpus Christi, Texas, after he was chosen in our random drawing as the winner of this whopping amount of loot! Having that amount of money to spend any way you choose is certainly a dream come true and we hope John has been having the time of his life enjoying it!

In January of 2021, we had the distinct honor to award the $10,000 Cash Prize again to the sweetest lady, Julia M. from Spring Valley, New York, who happens to be 96 years young. Our prize correspondent spoke with Julia to reveal the exciting and very happy news! Julia’s daughter was on the video call and we noticed she just could not stop smiling! Julia told us she was going to share the money with her two daughters and also hire a personal assistant to help with her daily needs. We hope Julia has been enjoying having all that loot to pay someone to help her, which also created a job for that person, so there’s another benefit to our large cash prize!

And we will do it again -  we’ll be giving away the $10,000 Cash Prize to another lucky winner in February of 2022! Who it will be, no one knows, since it’s a random luck of the draw! We know one thing, we are super excited with anticipation to see who wins next so we can surprise them with the thrilling news just like we did when John and Julia won! Nothing makes us happier than making other people happy and receiving a large sum of money like $10,000 is truly enough to create a lot of happiness in someone’s life!

Who knows, that lucky winner may very well be you if you keep entering every day to claim all of your possible entries for the chance to win $10,000 cash! That would certainly help to make anyone’s dreams come true whether you need a down payment for a new house, the money to buy a new car, to pay off your bills, take a dream vacation, or help out family members like Julia did.

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