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$10,000 Cash Prize Winner - May 2020

John M of Corpus Christi TX

$10,000 Cash Prize Winner – John M. of Corpus Christi, Texas - May 4, 2020

The merry month of May just got a whole lot merrier for John M. of Corpus Christi, Texas, when he won the incredible $10,000 Cash Prize Sweepstakes on May 4, 2020! Whoa. That’s some giant pile of loot and we’re super excited to award it to you, John. That’s certainly a life-changing amount of cash and cause for celebration for sure! We hope it brings you much joy and improves your life in many ways! There are so many possibilities for that amount of money. You could put it in an interest-bearing account and use the interest to pay some of your bills. Even if the interest is around 1.2%, that’s $120 every month you’d earn from your deposit. Now, if that’s a bit too conservative, perhaps you’ll save a certain portion of it and use some to treat yourself to a couple of splurge items like a new flat screen TV and recliner chair to watch all of your favorite entertainment. Walmart carries the Samsung 55” Ultra High Definition Smart LED TV for under $600. Add to that a Walnew Power Lift Recliner with Massage and Heat for $329, and you’ve got yourself a cozy man-cave place to call your own! Plus, you’d still have plenty left to save, pay some bills, or you might even use some of it to help a friend or relative. Whatever you choose to do with all that loot, congratulations from all of us at Winloot! We’re so happy for you!

We love giving away loot so much, we’re running this $10,000 Cash Prize Sweepstakes again. If you’d like chances to win like John did, be sure to get your ten daily entries in from now until the contest closes on January 7, 2021, when we will choose another lucky winner! Be sure to enter with your main email and keep checking your messages from Winloot. We certainly wouldn’t want you to miss out on this or any other important prize-winning message! While you’re here, check out the other fun sweepstakes prizes Winloot offers. Choose the prize or prizes you like and get all of your free entries in every day. We’d love nothing more than to add your name to our long list of happy winners and send you the prize of your dreams! Have fun and best wishes for good luck!