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Winloot Secret Giveaways and Bonus Promotions

Shhh…we’ve got a secret for you.   If you want to hear about ALL the great Winloot sweepstakes, make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  We often give our social media followers secret giveaways or bonus prizes that no one else knows about.  You never know when we might spring a bonus sweepstakes on you!  To follow… Read more »

Make Sure Your Winloot Account Is Accurate

If you’re a member of Winloot and enter our free sweepstakes, it’s important that your account information is accurate.  That way, if you do win a prize, we can verify your eligibility.  Please make sure your name, email, postal address and birthdate are accurate and up to date. One you are logged into your Winloot account, click on the “My… Read more »

Winloot Token Raffle Sweepstakes

Some of the favorite giveaways of Winloot members are our free token raffle sweepstakes. Winloot members earn tokens just by entering and playing free lotto style sweepstakes and instant win games.  Those tokens pile up quickly! You’ll earn tokens for each free lotto style sweepstakes game you play every day, up to 120 tokens each day you play!  Here’s how it works:… Read more »

Winloot $5,000 Instant Win Game

The Winloot $5,000 Instant Win Game is our latest free cash giveaway, and it’s totally, 100% FREE!  To play the $5,000 Instant Win Game, all you have to do is go to and enter 10 of our lotto style cash giveaways (which are also totally free), with prizes up to $2.3 Million cash!  After playing 10 Winloot games, you’ll… Read more »

Winloot Daily Guaranteed Winner Giveaways

Winloot Daily And Weekly Guaranteed Winner Giveaways Did you know that has a guaranteed winner every day of $250.00?  Just for playing Winloot, you will be automatically entered in to these free sweepstakes.  In fact, the more you play, the more entries you could get! When you play the Winloot lotto style sweepstakes, you’ll get one entry for every… Read more »

How Do The Winloot Sweepstakes Work?

How do the Winloot lotto style sweepstakes work? Entering the Winloot giveaways is easy!  Our sweepstakes work exactly like the lotto, except Winloot is always 100% free.  Here’s how the Winloot sweepstakes work: You can enter each of our sweepstakes every single day Our first seven giveaways have prizes ranging from $100.00 to $1 Million Enter each giveaway by selecting… Read more »